Catching Up.

What I love about NaBloPoMo is that many of my friends are writing way more often than they usually do.

What’s difficult about NaBloPoMo is keeping up with it all. My Bloglovin’ feed is in a constant state of growth and although I try to read from it daily, I don’t have the time to get through everything during the week, especially when I’m trying to leave comments. I use the weekends for catching up.

Sitting here all comfy on the couch with a cup of my favorite tea, I zip through a hundred, maybe a hundred and fifty (I KNOW!) posts, enjoying every second of this ritual.

And the tea, because duh.

Tea, yum.

Some of my very favorite posts that I’ve read in the past week? Glad you asked.

Ashley at Baddest Mother Ever (one of my very favorite new-to-me blogs OMG) wrote about being pushed–in a good way–by her sister. I triple-puffy-heart-love this post. Read it here.

Natasha at Houseful of Nicholes wrote about how Benedict Cumberbatch ruined her morning. I can totally relate, not with Benedict but you know, I have my own. Read it here.

Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing wrote a sweet post about her sweet son with a surprise ending that says a lot about how our kids learn to manipulate certain situations for their benefit. Read it here.

Heather at Life’s a Disco Ball (another new friend/fave!) wrote about 26 things she’s do if she weren’t afraid and it got me thinking about my own list. Read hers here.

Phyllis at The Napkin Hoarder wrote about doing things by herself. I’ve written about that topic before too because except for when I’m having a loneliness crisis like I did a couple weeks ago, I really love doing things by myself! Read about her experience here, and maybe you’ll decide to take yourself out to lunch!

Have you read anything super great this week? Leave it in comments and I’ll go check it out, right after I get some more tea!