The Very Best Sundays.

Sometimes the very best Sundays involve skipping your workout, jumping in the car with your husband, driving ninety minutes to pick up your older son, continuing to drive for another forty-five minutes to pick up your younger son, making your way over to a pizza place that your younger son recommends but finding it closed for lunch and instead eating at a place called People’s Park which isn’t a park at all but serves really yummy burgers on brioche buns, and while you eat you’re all ribbing each other but in the most laughter-filled, fun way, and then after you eat you go check out some vinyl at the record store and when it’s time to leave you get a bunch of posed pictures but as usual it’s one of the unposed, goofy ones that is your favorite and will represent the spirit of the whole day, which will leave you smiling for a good long time.

J and Melisa and D