Sunday Reading

After getting through my personal crisis yesterday (thanks, Internet!), Jim and I took the evening off and then spent much of today tying up the rest of the pre-Thanksgiving loose ends that needed attention.

Roxie spent today doing the same thing she did yesterday, which was pretty much this:


Sigh, what a life.

Anyway, here’s some Sunday Reading for you. Enjoy!

I absolutely adored Angela’s beautiful tribute to her youngest child (Number Four!) over on Jumping With My Fingers Crossed. The post was chock-full of love and positivity and sweetness, and you should go read it right now.

While there’s technically no reading to be done in this case, my sistuh-from-anuthuh-mutha’s Wordless Wednesday post on This Full House was a really cool GIF of her cat, and I keep going back to watch because it’s mesmerizing. I will have something related for you in tomorrow’s post, by the way, so stay tuned.

It must have been a sentimental week for me, because I loved Angela’s post (above) and also swooned at the post Elaine wrote on The Miss Elaine-ous Life in honor of her fifteenth wedding anniversary. SO SWEET FOR REAL, OMG. I love Love, don’t you??

Last but not least, there was hilarity going on over on Wendi Aaron‘s blog when she wrote a response to the article about the morning habits of 12 women leaders that was making the rounds. Wendi asked twelve of her friends for their morning routine and the result was her post, “The Morning Routines of Twelve Women Weirdos”. I found the post almost as funny as the fact that the service Wendi is now using for blog security wouldn’t allow me to comment because she has apparently blocked comments from the country in which I live. After a hysterical private exchange via Facebook messaging in which we were trying to figure it where it all went wrong, I told Wendi I didn’t get why I would be blocked since we’re both in the States. Wendi then told me that it’s probably because she’s in Texas, which is a whole other country, so her security system wasn’t necessarily wrong. I emailed the security system as the block message suggested, telling them that I was only trying to comment on my friend’s site and “we’re both Americans, in America!” so I’ll let you know how that goes. In the meantime, go visit her.

What good stuff have you read this week? Lay it on me, in the comments!

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  • Elaine A.

    Oh my goodness, I adore Angela’s post! Her entire family is SO cute and fun and awesome! I think she would be SO cool to have as a Mom!! ;D

    And Wendi is always hilarious. That post is great!

    Thanks for featuring mine too, I am so glad you liked it. I’m honored!!