Auto Awesome = The Next Level Of Awesome

Like most people, I use my phone to take pictures much more than I use my actual camera these days.
I have it set up to backup my pictures to “the Cloud” (oy, so mysterious!) but it occurred to me that maybe I should back them up to Google+ as well. I started that process a few days ago. It takes a long time when you have nearly 2000 pictures.

One of the really cool things that Google does, when it finds that you have a group of pictures that are taken around the same time and are similar in some way, is to engage its “Auto Awesome” feature. It will create a photo booth-style collage, a fun GIF, or even add fun animations to your picture.

A few months ago when D was home, he grabbed my phone and took nearly 75 rapid-fire selfies. This is something he does with any phone that is left within his reach. Annoying—because MY phone!—but hilarious.

After those selfies were backed up, Google applied Auto Awesome to it and the result was highly satisfying. I think you’ll agree.


It’s keeping me laughing, which is pretty handy considering it’s Monday, you know?