Read, Share, Listen.

I find myself unable to think about writing anything this morning other than a post about the current racial tension in America, while at the same time I can’t seem to locate the words to do that. I thought I’d go ahead and provide some links to posts written by people who are much more eloquent than I. Please read and share.

Arnebya’s post, Again. And Again. And Probably Again:
“Until we change the mentality that rights are distinguishable by race, that black boys are subpar citizens who should automatically be feared, we change nothing.”

Keesha’s post, Dear White Moms:
“I need to know that you are not merely worried about this most tragic of worst case scenarios befalling my son; I need to know that you are out there changing the ethos that puts it in place.”

Rochelle’s post, What’s Behind My Tears Over Ferguson:
“Notice and acknowledge color. Notice and acknowledge that our experiences, our outlook on life might be different because of it.”

Kelly’s post, I Speak Girl:
“Everything changed. His presence was enough. His Whiteness was enough. Their youth was enough. Their Blackness was enough.”

A’Driene’s post, His Name Was Tamir Rice:
“Tamir was a 12 year-old black boy playing with a toy gun in a park who suddenly found himself having a confrontation with police that proved fatal.”

Momo’s post, Just Listen:
“Just because I was privileged enough to be born with white skin doesn’t make me privileged enough to not care.”

Alexandra’s post, When Silence Serves No One in Ferguson:
“Our world is not the world that others experience.”