God Save The Queen (And Her Corgi)!

One of my very favorite things in this house was given to me a couple of years ago by my friend Sue, followed a year or so later by Sue’s gifting of another one of my very favorite things in this house. They are Queen Elizabeth and one of her Corgis.

Not the REAL Queen Elizabeth, silly.

THIS Queen Elizabeth:

To say I’m a British Royals fanatic would be a massive understatement. You can get an idea of my crazy, and I highly recommend you do, by reading my live blog of William and Kate’s wedding in 2011, which is (along with the comments) still hysterical (to me) three and a half years later.

Anyway, so I have this waving Queen Elizabeth and a Corgi whose head moves back and forth, both courtesy of a little solar panel on the side.

I have had to “perform surgery” on the Queen twice. Once she fell off of the windowsill and broke her back (ouch), and once she fell off the windowsill and was accidentally beheaded and dehanded (yikes). At this point, she’s half glue but still looking good.

Here’s the weird thing: after her second surgery the E6000 Permanent Craft Adhesive that I used dripped down to the part that allowed her hand to move. I was sad about it because the waving made me smile and now she was frozen. BUT…about a month later when I was doing dishes, I heard the familiar sound and looked up at her: SHE WAS WAVING AGAIN. It was a royal miracle!

We had another mishap last week when the hammering our siding installers were doing knocked the Queen and her Corgi off of the windowsill (are you seeing a pattern here??). I can’t believe—after I took every picture and all other breakable items off of our walls in anticipation of the siding work—I didn’t think about the Queen and her dog.

Queen and Corgi

Anyway, I shouted (on Facebook), “OMG!! QUEEN AND CORGI DOWN! QUEEN AND CORGI DOWN!”

It was a bad break, but I thought, “I can rebuild him. I have the technology…err, glue.”

The plastic post that held his head on was ridiculously small. Teeny.

Too teeny for the regular glue tip, in fact…

Corgi glue

…so I switched to toothpick application and…

Corgi toothpick glue

…tape to hold the head on while the glue dried.

Corgi tape

But the glue was going to take HOURS to dry, and the tape wasn’t cutting it either. His poor head kept rolling off.

That’s when I decided to pull out the hot glue gun.

An aside: my hot glue gun was purchased for about eleven dollars in 1988, is still going strong, and is considered (by me) to be one of the smartest buys ever in my life. EVER.

Queen and Corgi hot glue gun

Unfortunately, although the Corgi’s head is intact once again, the hot glue ended up fusing his neck completely. Poor dog.

At least he looks happy again.

Fused Corgi

And hey, I’m still holding out for another royal miracle. IT COULD HAPPEN.


  • Heidi Sloss

    Okay too funny! Reading about your obsessions gave me a great perspective on mine: from the outside it might look/sound silly, but it makes total sense to me. For instance I spent hours this evening cutting our different shapes of felt (with my new felt scissiors) so that I can assemble the pieces into cute felt ornaments. Hours!

    By the way, an totally jealous about your glue gun. Can’t find my old one and I miss it!