That’s A Wrap!

NaBloPoMo_November That's a wrap!

Another November NaBloPoMo is in the bag. Yaaaaay me!

I feel like I did really well this time: I didn’t have any trouble coming up with things to write about, which was refreshing because I’m usually hitting up my draft folder like a boss. Not this time.

I think that I had more fun with NaBloPoMo this month than I probably ever had because I didn’t stress out about “how good” each post had to be, which is a strange admission to make but completely true. After all, if you were to ask me why I started blogging in the first place I would have a couple of answers for you, but none of them would be “to dazzle my readers daily with my writing brilliance”.

I just had fun with it. Telling myself that I had twenty minutes to get a post done on many days this month was a great exercise for me, because I tend to be a little long-winded when I don’t give myself a deadline. I may not have published any masterfully written posts this month (okay, maybe one or two.)(okay, maybe one.), but I had a good time, I was authentic, and—dare I say it—on a few occasions I may have been slightly entertaining. (I hope so, anyway!)

Other benefits that came about as a result of my daily participation this month were:
1. I did so much more blog READING than I have taken the time to do lately. Reading other blogs not only expands the engagement I enjoy with my community but it also inspires me to blog more often. Win-win!
2. I ended this month with the goal of writing more often in the future, again. I won’t necessarily hit it daily, but I have found myself in occasional ruts over the past seven years (I’m pretty sure it’s cyclical) and when I end up making these crazy daily-for-a-month blogging goals, I end up digging myself out of those ruts. Writing begets writing? I think so.

Congratulations to those of you who joined me on NaBloPoMo. No matter if you made it all thirty days; if you just did the very best you could, I’m proud of you and hope you got something out of it.

Lastly (for now), I want to thank YOU for hanging in there with me here on Suburban Scrawl this month. I’m not going anywhere and in fact already have a post in draft for tomorrow, but I wanted to express my appreciation to all of you who have taken time out of your day to stop by and read what I’ve been writing. THANK YOU!