Passing My Gifts On To The Next Generation

Presenting the special people in my life with gifts is one of my very favorite things to do in the entire world. I mean, you have no idea.

Last year I wrote about the method behind my gift-giving madness:

“I’m the type of person that will remember something you casually mention you like for ten full months until your birthday so I can get it, wrap it in pretty paper, and present it to you as if I bought it on a whim. I have bookmarked things online that family and friends share because they think they’re cool, pretty, awesome, or whatever, for later gift consideration. I will buy something at the store if it reminds me of you, and sometimes I’ll save it for your birthday or Hanukkah or Christmas but sometimes I’ll just box it up and put it in the mail (or bring it to you personally) because I know it will make your day.”

Oh, and the “saving for later” part? Sometimes nearly kills me. The waiting really IS the hardest part. You hit the nail right on the head, Tom Petty.

Obviously it’s also very fun to be on the other end of the gift-giving process, especially when the giver uses the same methodology. I was reminded of that last night when J handed me a Hanukkah gift bag and said, “This one’s for you, Mom.”

I pulled three items out of the bag: my favorite tea, an infuser, and a huge skein of yarn:

Hanukkah gifts

Now, at first glance, you already know this is a great gift because it includes my favorite tea. Good job, you. (and him.)

What you wouldn’t be able to pick up is that this is a perfectly thoughtful and perfectly perfect gift for another reason, because it also includes the yarn. I do not knit or crochet, but the yarn in combination with the tea and the infuser allude to a particularly hilarious exchange that J and I had last month after dealing with an extremely passionate/aggressive saleswoman at our local Teavana store. The specifics don’t matter here; it’s one of those things that you would probably only find hysterical if you had been there with us. Oh, how I laughed when I opened that gift! I love that guy.

The tea? Yummy. It won’t last long. For real.
The infuser? Awesome. I can always use another infuser; putting this one into my travel bag because you never know.
The yarn? Pretty. I just might learn to knit or crochet one of these days.
The knowledge that I have a kid who is carrying on my gift-giving traditions? Well, that’s perhaps the best gift of all.