Making it through last week felt like a huge victory for me because, well, you probably read all about it already. Besides the moving parts of my life over which I have no control that I ever-so-vaguely mentioned, the other main source of my internal crisis was a repeat offender: hormones.



I took some action over the weekend and reached out to a friend who is a wellness coach and so smart about and active in treating things holistically that one of her nicknames is “Witch Doctor”.

This is NOT my thing. I’ve always been skeptical of the healing properties of oils and other natural—what shall I call them?—elements?

I have been known to cringe when I’m in a room with people who talk at length about chakras and such.

(I’M NOT JUDGING: I’m just telling you where I’m coming from.)

With my hormones (and the anxiety and mood swings they induce) taking up more and more of my valuable time these days, however, I needed to open up my mind a little bit.

I called my friend the Witch Doctor on Friday evening and she invited me to come over on Saturday after my workout so we could explore some ideas she had for me. Oil-wise, you know.

I left with some samples and, after a day and a half of using them I ordered regular sized bottles. Although it’s too soon for me to tell if I’m going to end up achieving the goal of becoming “rebalanced”, this new ritual is a comfort to me and my mind is open. Also, people are telling me that I smell really good, which has always been a goal of mine. (Honestly. Ask Liz. She’ll vouch for me on that.) I keep taking deep breaths into my hands, which makes me feel a little like Mary Katherine Gallagher but on the other end of the scent spectrum and not nearly as offensive-looking in action.

And now I have ordered a travel bag for my oils. A TRAVEL BAG. FOR MY OILS.

travel bag for essential oils
My bag (not my oils; those pictured were only for display purposes), on its way to me from The Farmer’s Boutique shop on Etsy.


Hopefully someone who is on her way to feeling more balanced, that’s who.