Note To Self:

Next year, remember to ask someone to remind me that I will likely need a sleep aid on the night in between LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO audition days.

It’s what happens when we listen–oh, so willingly!–to these from-hilarious-to-heartbreaking stories of motherhood for hours at a time. At night, the stories start to ooze out. They stick with us for so many different reasons. When we’re in the beginning of the process of having to choose which ones are right for the show this year, there is excitement about finding our newest LTYM Chicago family members combined with sadness in thinking about the many who will have to be let go, at least for now. The sleep, it does not come easy at the moment.

All of that said, auditions are one of the very, very best and most exciting parts of this journey to stage. It’s so very humbling and such a huge honor, to accept these stories with open arms, open minds, and open hearts. THIS is what it’s all about. Auditions, in some ways even more than show day, completely encompass the mission of LTYM: to give motherhood a microphone, to validate everyone’s stories, to LISTEN.

And so we press forward, and today we’ll listen some more.

I can’t wait.

Photo credit: Balee Images
Photo credit: Balee Images