Rosecrance’s “In My Shoes” Exhibit: Go See It!

Last week I told you about how I’ve been doing some sponsored work for Rosecrance, one of the country’s leading teen substance abuse treatment centers, to help get some tough teen conversations started. I participated in a Twitter chat and then was all set to visit the traveling art exhibit called “In My Shoes”, currently on display at Hinsdale’s Robert Crown Center.

Today, I’m reporting back!

(By the way, this post is sponsored by Rosecrance but all pictures, words, and opinions are mine.)

“In My Shoes” was created by teen patients in the art therapy program at Rosecrance’s Rockford (Illinois) campus and is being hosted at the Robert Crown Center (21 Salt Creek Lane, Hinsdale, IL) in honor of Drug Facts Week, through February 6.

in my shoes signage

The exhibit, housed in a glass case near the Robert Crown entrance, was a little shocking and a lot heartbreaking.

in my shoes

The shoes are more than just pieces of art; they are fears, insecurities, regrets, affirmations, and hopes for the future, all jam-packed on one tiny canvas per artist. Reading the description cards that went along with each shoe, I couldn’t believe what these young people have been through.

18 years old

While I was there I spoke with Katherine Leibforth, Director of Communications at the Robert Crown Center. We had a great talk about raising kids (she’s got a couple of teens, too!) and talking to them about peer pressure and all of the other stuff that goes along with it. We talked about D.A.R.E. and other programs that educate kids so early (fifth grade here) and what happens when parents don’t reinforce those lessons (often, failure).

flip flop

You’ve got through Friday to check out this exhibit. I guarantee that if you take your teens, you’ll have lots to talk about.


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  • Sylvia Joy

    I thank my luck stars for how I was raised and my life and how you girls were raised and how you are living your lives. Love Grandma W