Travel Itch

I’m getting a little squirmy because it’s been absolutely forever since I’ve gone anywhere.

OKAY, it’s been two weeks since we went to Wisconsin to move D into his new place. I don’t count that as traveling, though.

It’s actually been two months since the last time I went somewhere that “counts” as traveling, and that was a pretty awesome trip to Miami (pretty sure I’m still hungover) and then a five-day cruise to the Bahamas. I shouldn’t complain, because most of you are likely thinking “Geez, it’s been a year (or two, or five, or whatever) since I’ve gotten out of town!” but I’m complaining anyway.

South Beach, December 2014
South Beach, December 2014

These days I’ve got an increasingly bad case of Wanderlust, just when the pace of things in all of my various jobs is picking up.

I have travel plans, but they’re not soon enough.

OKAY, I lied. I have a roadtrip to Ohio to see Momo coming up in eleven and a half days (not that I’m counting). Still, not soon enough.

I am almost one hundred percent certain I’ll be heading back to New Jersey to see Liz and the rest of my Jersey family in April; I’m just waiting to find out the date of one thing before pulling the trigger on that flight reservation. Not soon enough!

I am planning to be in the audience for LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER shows in Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin at the end of April and beginning of May. Not soon enough! (But not rushing the LTYM process because OMG why would I do that?)

BlogHer ’15 is in New York City this July. Not soon enough.

Well. Now that I look at all of that I can see I’m just being a little impatient. Never mind, I guess.

Seaside Heights, NJ October 2014
Seaside Heights, NJ October 2014

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