NaBloPoMo 2015: Jumpstart!

Let's do this.
Let’s do this.

It’s that time of year again! November is National Blog Posting Month, in which many of us attempt to publish a post every single day. There are prizes to be won when you sign up (by November 5!) on the BlogHer site, but for me the real prize is bringing myself back to regular writing on this blog, which I miss desperately much of the time.

It’s gotten harder for me to write blog posts over the past couple of years for two main reasons. The first one is because I am so busy in other areas of my life. My work with LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER and BlogHer fill much of my time. The other reason is because my boys, who I wrote about approximately half the time back in the day, are grown now. I write about them very selectively these days because many of their stories aren’t mine to tell.

So for me, while others “dread” NaBloPoMo and the pressures that come with daily posting, November is a gift. I’m going to do my best to complete all thirty days of posting, even if some posts consist of just one picture with a couple of descriptive sentences. I’ve got a calendar reminder to post every day (because these days if it’s not on my calendar it doesn’t happen!), and I’m ready to go. Happy NaBloPoMo! Who else is in?


  • alexandra

    Right here with you. I love NaBloPoMo because the 30 days of posts become like a holding tank for me. I dip in during the rest of the year for ideas that began because they had to and these posts have gone on to be fleshed out and published on other sites. It really is a yearly tending to a garden, I love it. Looking forward to your words this month, my friend!