To Market, To (Farmer’s) Market

Yesterday I wrote about my love of taking pictures of Chicago buildings. Apparently I adore capturing lots of things that don’t move because another favorite photo walk for me is one through a good farmer’s market.

I think farmer’s markets are beautiful. The way that the vendors deliberately display their goods so the people walking through can hardly resist is a real art form. They work so hard on it and I feel terrible passing through only taking pictures. In fact, these days I usually avoid farmer’s markets unless I have cash on me to make small purchases as I go, to make up for the fact that I’m walking around with a camera or phone in front of my face.

The best farmer’s market I’ve ever seen was in 2010, at Union Square in New York City. I was with my friend Sweet Sue and we walked around for more than an hour just snapping away. The colors were DAZZLING and it was a beautiful summer day. Two of my favorite pictures from that day:

Union Square Farmer's Market

Union Square Farmer's Market

I’ve been hoping to find a market as gorgeous as that one but haven’t yet. The one in my little suburb is nice, but small. A favorite shot from there:

Blueberry Muffins at the Naperville Farmer's Market

(Adorable, right?)

The Santa Fe farmer’s market was pretty good and I got one of my favorite shots ever ever ever (in this post) of a person, but still lifes? Here:

Santa Fe Farmer's Market

Santa Fe Farmer's Market

And then, most recently, I hit up the farmer’s market in Memphis.

Memphis Farmer's Market

Memphis Farmer's Market

Much like I realize my best writing voice is in either personal narrative or non-fiction business writing as opposed to fiction, I know that my best pictures are of things, not people, about 80% of the time. I’ve captured some great people pictures over the last few years and will continue to practice that kind of photography, but I rather like the stuff that sits still.

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  • Kelly

    I love your pictures! We always try to hit up local farmers markets when we travel. We used to live near Lincoln Park’s Green City Market and loved walking there and enjoying the samples on Saturdays. We found a cute little farmers market when we went to Holland, Michigan for the weekend, and then of course you have to check out Madison’s market in the square in the summers.