(I) Like A Ninja

Disclosure: Ninja sent me a Nutri Ninja® Auto-IQ™ Pro Compact System to try out and keep. They didn’t insist that I write about it but obviously hoped I would. And here we are.


A couple of years ago, I got a juicer. It was a big joke around here (but not really “funny ha ha”: the other kind…*waves to Jim*) because I had wanted it so badly but then once I got it, it sat unused for months. When I finally used it, I discovered that perhaps I hadn’t made the right choice. It was bulky, not the most attractive small appliance, and the worst part? It was such a pain to clean. Like I CAN’T EVEN. That bad. I think I’ve used it four times in two years.

For all of the other minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months, it has been sitting in the cabinet under my kitchen island, taking up valuable space. I did the math:

Fresh Juice < The Annoyance of Clean Up
Not to mention the amount of money you have to spend on fresh fruits and veggies to get the tiniest amount of juice.

And then also? I decided I’m more a fan of blended things like smoothies. I can make a great smoothie with plain yogurt and some fruit (even frozen fruit). Add some greens? Bonus nutrition. So the juicer and its mess? I decided it was not my jam.

Fast forward—from whenever we were—to this past summer at the BlogHer conference in New York City. I was hanging out at the SheKnows booth in the expo because they had these really awesome white couches that looked like a comfy alternative to the conference room where our team was working. I had my laptop open and was tapping away at the keys like a boss when one of the Ninja reps walked up to ask me something, probably because I looked super official. We hit it off right away, chatting for a little while and then—fast forward again, to a couple months later—she asked if I’d like to try their newest Nutri Ninja system. YES PLEASE!

Nutri Ninja® Auto-IQ™ Pro Compact System

Here’s the important information about The Nutri Ninja® Auto-IQ™ Pro Compact System:
* Nutrient & vitamin extraction AND high performance all in one machine
* Next generation Auto-iQ™ Smooth Boost™ Technology that takes drink customization to a whole new level
* Features 1100-watt motor base
* Includes two 24-ounce Nutri Ninja Tritan Cups with two Sip & Seal Lids, 24-ounce stainless steel Nutri Ninja Cup, 40-ounce blend & prep bowl with dough/chopping blade, 48-ounce XL multi-serve Nutri Ninja, and a 30 recipe inspiration guide
* Additional attachment available for purchase is the first-ever coffee & spice grinder blender attachment
* Available at major retailers nationwide, starting at $129.99 MSRP

Nutri Ninja® Auto-IQ™ Pro Compact System

Here’s the additional important information that pertains to me personally:
* It is attractive!
* It is not bulky (in fact, it’s downright sleek)!
* It looks great on my countertop, and once I get rid of that old juicer I’ll have some cabinet space!
* It is so easy to clean, partially due to the individual cups: blend and go! (Also? Dishwasher safe!)
* This appliance does a different kind of juicing, so if I decide I want some juice, I make juice! From the website: Nutri Ninja® Cups can blend whole fruits, vegetables, greens, seeds & stems into nutrient-rich beverages in seconds! Traditional juicers provide little juice and remove the pulp which contains the healthy fiber, whereas the Nutri Ninja™ Cups provides complete juicing with the benefits of entire fruits and vegetables, not just the juice. These juices are bursting with health-boosting vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, trace elements and plant nutrients!

Nutri Ninja® Auto-IQ™ Pro Compact System

I’ve been making those fruit and yogurt smoothies (with some flax seed thrown in) for breakfast and I can’t say enough how I adore the ease of this machine. I love blending everything in the same cup I can just stick a straw in and carry with me. I haven’t even delved into all of the other uses yet, but I’m looking forward to trying out some new recipes with it this holiday season!

You can follow Ninja on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. And then if you don’t have one, perhaps you should put it on your wish list. The holidays are coming, you know!

Still counts.
Still counts.