We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Speaker.

I love music.

If you know me at all, this is not news.

I listen to music all day long. I have Sirius XM radio in my car and I am a Spotify addict, with different offline playlists downloaded to my phone than the ones downloaded to my iPad, for those occasions when I have no WiFi and have to limit my choices (on a plane, on a road trip, etc.).

I used to make fun of Jim for walking around with music blaring from his iPhone. After a while, I realized he was onto something there (sorry, Jim).

We never ever ever ever use the stereo iPod/iPhone doc that is parked on the bookshelf in the family room, because we’re mostly in motion. So I started walking around the house with music blaring from my iPhone. And I started walking the dog with music blaring from my iPhone. (Headphones? No, no, no. How would I pay attention to cars and other potential dangers along the way?)

After a while it occurred to me that my showers didn’t need to be music-free, and I started cueing up Spotify on my phone or iPad so I could sing along with, well, whoever, while I was getting myself ready for the day.

A couple of weeks ago we upgraded my cell phone and traded in my old phone for an accessory credit. I really only needed a screen protector and a protective case, and that meant that I needed to find something on which to spend a pretty sizable credit balance. I didn’t need chargers…I didn’t need headphones…I didn’t need an exercise tracker (WHY do they sell these at the cell phone store?).

Then I saw them.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers.

Could I?
Should I?

That would be weird, right? To buy a speaker specifically to hang in the shower?

I asked Jim what he thought.

“Sounds good!”

So that’s how we ended up with the speaker that changed my life. And my showers.

UE Roll bluetooth speaker

As I’ve learned, though, it doesn’t end there. This speaker is just a gateway drug to the next bigger and better one. Earlier this evening I found myself Googling “Built in bathroom speaker system” and pricing out what I’m really going to need to have in my next house, whenever that happens (no moving plans currently).

What then? Does it get much bigger and better than that? A whole-house system? Perhaps I should just move INTO a speaker? Are woofers and tweeters made that large? Would I experience hearing loss at that point? And if that happened, would I regret not sticking with the adorable little round speaker in my shower?

Tough questions. I’ll think about them and get back to you.

NaBloPoMo 2015


  • Brandie

    We no longer have it, because it died, but many years ago, we had a waterproof radio in the shower. Like before everyone had phones that could play music. I used to rock out to that thing.
    Which is basically me saying that your crazy and my crazy? They are kindred spirits!

    • Melisa Wells

      Yay!!! BUT. I really need to know why you didn’t replace it! WHYYYYY? WHYYYYYY?

      Wait, maybe I don’t want to know. But yay for being twins in craziness! 🙂