Jell-O Times Two.

Until the last six months or so since my mom started trying to minimize, we have always known that if we’re looking for something from our growing-up years, she’s likely got it. It’s for that reason that when we come for a visit, we usually find long-forgotten things either by accident or, if mom finds something she wants us to take home, left on the dresser of the room in which we sleep.

I was tickled on this visit to find a short stack of old report cards, a program from an elementary school play, and a collaborative recipe book made by my kindergarten class on that dresser.

The recipe book is called “Try ’em Recipes”, and if that doesn’t make you want to try what’s inside, I don’t know what would.

Try 'em Recipes

I flipped through the book, skimming the recipes provided by all of my classmates until I got to mine. It was a recipe for “Iceleo”, and while I wrote it in such a way to make it look like it’s something I whipped up all the time, I can’t remember making it once. Anyway, it’s cute.

Iceleo Jell-O

This visit seems to have a Jell-O theme, because my sister pulled this book out of my mom’s collection to put into a box as a gag gift for my dad. When he opened the box and held up the book I correctly guessed that it was published in 1973 because come on, that was when Jell-O was super cool and also totally a normal side dish to bring to a party. I felt old for a second after I guessed the year but then my sense of feeling super smart made that yucky old feeling go away. I mean, I guessed correctly!!

The New Joys of Jell-O

I promptly called dibs on that cookbook because I figured my mom probably hadn’t used it either since the 70s or possibly ever.

I mean, just look at these “appetizing” Jell-O dishes.


But don’t look at them too long, because if you’re anything like me (still full from Thanksgiving), you might feel a little icky about it.

Maybe you should come back tomorrow. The Jell-O will still be here.

NaBloPoMo 2015


  • alexandra

    You know who wants to marry you already because of your organization and brains, and now even more because of your jello love?? My husband. He is a jellochild of the 60s and could eat jello with fruit morningnoonandnight, and not just could but would. Me? We grow up only food that was “real” so you see, Missy, he wants to marry you. Jello cake for the wedding cake.