#NaBloPoMo 2016: Complete!

Thirty posts in thirty days. I did it!

They weren’t all gems. In fact, most of them couldn’t even pass for polished rocks. That said, I achieved my personal goal of being intentional about posting daily and inspiring myself to continue regular posting here beyond November, even if it’s not every single day. It wasn’t pretty but I’ll take it!

In case you were a busy writer (or a busy anything!) this month and didn’t get here to read much, here are my favorite Suburban Scrawl posts from NaBloPoMo 2016:

Money Battles
This Week’s Obsession Is Brought To You By Missy Elliott
Lean On Me.
To Infinity and Beyond
Fun Facts About Me
What Happens In High School…

Thanks for sticking with me through this annual challenge, and thanks for reading! (And if you participated this year? HIGH FIVE!)

NaBloPoMo 2015

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  • alexandra

    That’s exactly what I’ve been saying… exactly. Look beyond… this is work toward something and you don’t want to lose that something. because we’ve reconnected, we’re tighter now, we’ve revealed more about ourselves, and we’ve strengthened our community.

    Bloggers need each other, the real world out there doesn’t get what we do or why. so, yes, there is such magic in NaBloPoMo!