I Love L.A.

I just returned from a visit to the site of the #BlogHer16 conference in Los Angeles. I love L.A.


Of course, my rose-colored glasses were deeply tinted on this trip, what with the “late January getaway from Chicago winter” and the “spending three and a half days with the most awesome team ever” elements. Los Angeles was a dream, and I wish I could’ve “slept” a little longer. Literally and figuratively.

On the way out, I got to walk through my favorite corridor at O’Hare airport.

ORD neon

Of course, when I was sitting at the gate in the middle of a flight delay that would last nearly two hours I forgot all about that neon happiness. Glad I took a picture.

Finally we took off and, after meeting Liz at LAX, we made our way over to the JW Marriott at LA Live right in the center of downtown Los Angeles.

The next couple of days were extremely awesome. I love my job. I love my co-workers. Getting to work in the same room is very rare for all of us: it only happens a few times each year. It makes me giddy, quite literally. It was better than ever this time, thanks to the fact that we have a newly-expanded events team, and I will tell you that if you have not purchased a ticket to the conference because you’re on the fence for some reason, just buy it now while Earlybird pricing is still in effect. No, I was not asked to plug the conference. I just happen to have a lot of work pride and having a seat in the meeting room where so many magical ideas were presented, I’m really just doing you a favor. Plan to attend. It’s going to be the best BlogHer annual conference yet. YES WE SAY THAT EVERY YEAR, but we also mean it. (Register here.)

Me, my sistuh from anuthuh muthuh, and my lil Bop Bop
Me, my sistuh from anuthuh muthuh, and my lil Bop Bop

One of the very best things about working behind the scenes on a BlogHer conference is that we have an excellent work/fun balance. We work VERY hard, but there is always always always a lot of laughter plus a few shenanigans sprinkled in there too.

Lori, Jen, Liz, Me, and Kathy  (Mwah!)
Lori, Jen, Liz, Me, and Kathy

There’s not a lot of sleep, however. My body happens to HATE the west coast, refusing to reset its clock and thus making me wake up at 3:30 am Pacific, each and every day. I was able to get a couple of short bursts of sleep beyond that but definitely not enough. Anyway, it was totally worth it.

New fave pic of Liz and me.
New fave pic of Liz and me.

Liz and I immensely enjoyed unwinding each evening on the patio that was outside our hotel room. Definitely a favorite part of the trip.

Having a patio outside our hotel room did not suck.
Having a patio outside our hotel room did not suck.

As for the rest of the hotel, it’s also amazing. It’s spacious with lots of places for bloggers to hang out, connect, and laugh together.

JW Marriott at LA Live lobby

The pool area is gorgeous, too. I know it’ll be a popular hang-out spot.

JW Marriott at LA Live pool

We checked out where the sessions, expo, and keynotes will take place. We are super excited for this conference, but I said that already. I hope to see you there.

As for the area surrounding the hotel? Well, it’s Los Angeles. It’s beautiful and spacious and full of palm trees and sunshine.

I love L.A.

Is it August yet?