Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut and Sometimes You Need to Learn How to Share.

I received some devastating news on Saturday*: my twenty one-year-old son said that he enjoys an Almond Joy candy bar now and then.

Almond Joy


I thought I was the only one in the family who consumed Almond Joy bars. I mean, I have enjoyed the heck out of grabbing the fun-sized Almond Joys out of the boys’ trick-or-treat bags after they spent Halloween night ringing doorbells for sweets, because they ranked Almond Joy down there with Circus Peanuts and Whoppers. I’ve loved buying the occasional Almond Joy and leaving it on the counter where it would stay untouched until I was ready to eat it. Making sure that Almond Joys were a part of whatever Halloween candy mix I purchased meant that I would always have my own stash of treats for later. I have hid candy from the rest of my family for years (Hello Hershey Eggs and Cadbury Mini Eggs), but a package of Almond Joy bars was always safe. Mine. No worries. MINE.

But now this*.

I found out by accident. He went upstairs to the kitchen while we were watching TV and returned with a handful of candy from our Halloween leftovers bag. I saw a couple of those distinctive blue wrappers and exclaimed, “What the heck???!!!”

He smiled and said, “What? I have grown to like them.”

I think I then said something like “ARGHHHHHHH adkfoieyaiajdf;kdj;afdiuateurnsfojslsakjsoiuc!!!”

Smiling, he gingerly slid one over my way and that’s when the child became the parent. Again.

*In case you wondered, this is all in fun. I really don’t mind sharing; I’ll just make a point of buying double from this point on. *wink*


  • Hailey Reede

    Almond Joy is a health food, right? Almond are healthy. Joy protects your heart, boosts your immune system, combats stress, modulates pain responses, and is associated with greater life span. Almond + Joy = greatness, right?

    Be gentle about keeping Almond Joys from The Boy. Who will be making the nursing home decision? ; )