Okay, I Stand Corrected.

Something good that has come out of this election is the seemingly unending stream of thoughtful political conversation I’ve been enjoying with my twenty-four-year-old. It’s really something special to be able to have intelligent discourse about world affairs with your own grown kid and as much as this election and the post-election developments have had me tied up in knots, it’s been a bright spot.

That said, I have a much more entertaining conversation to share here.

The scene: my kitchen.
I’m lighting my Clean Cotton-scented Yankee Candle.

Dylan: “It’s too bad they don’t make a candle that smells like lighting a match.”
Me: “YES. That would be amazing.”
Dylan: “Or gasoline.”

(Sidenote: we’re two of those weird human beings who enjoy the smell of gasoline.)

Me: “Yankee Candle used to make one that smelled like cut grass. Not sure if they still do.”

(Sidenote: They do! It’s called Green Grass.)

*insert a couple more sentences about candles that I forgot, making me a terrible summarizer of conversation*

Me: “…in fact, you should see how many candles Heather (Liz’s middle daughter) has. She LOVES candles. She collects ALL THE CANDLES.”
Dylan: “Huh, um, that’s kind of a weird thing to collect, isn’t it?”
Me: “Not at all. I mean, she doesn’t collect them just to stare at them. She collects them to USE. They have multiple candles going on in that house all the time.”
Dylan: “Ohhhh. Okay so she’s more of a ‘Candle Enthusiast’.”
Me: “Yes. I guess you’re right.”

The Candle Enthusiast and us
Next time I get them in the same place we’ll be sure to talk about candles.