Chillaxing Like They Do in La Jolla

Three years ago next month, Jim and I took a quick trip to San Diego. I absolutely adored that long weekend because in addition to enjoying what San Diego and neighboring Coronado Island had to offer, we visited several beaches between San Diego and Laguna Niguel, starting at La Jolla Cove. (Man, I love the beach.)

By the way, La Jolla is Spanish and pronounced “La Hoy-a”. Don’t pronounce it like it looks in English because everyone will point at you and shout “TOURIST!”

Anyway, La Jolla Cove was full of seals and sea otters and sea lions. We spent some time watching those fascinating creatures just hanging out and sunbathing on the rocks, seemingly oblivious to all of us with cameras.

One of my very favorite moments was getting close to this guy. Don’t worry: I zoomed in with my camera. I wasn’t THAT close.

Chillaxing in La Jolla

He was sprawled out in stillness, keeping an eye on me and a couple of other humans who were standing there with our chins on the ground over being gifted with the experience of sharing his space. It was a peaceful moment on that trip I won’t soon forget.

Slightly related: I plan to spend most of today and tomorrow offline…and hopefully in that position. Have a great weekend and I’ll meet you back here on Monday!