My Best of 2016: Happy New Year!

My best of 2016

It’s (finally) the last day of 2016 and I’m so happy it’s over. So many of us have had an ultra-challenging year personally, and we’re ready to close the door on it and hope for a Happy New One.

I wrote 75 posts this year (not including this one) which is, I’m certain, a new low for me. Twenty-seven of them were in the month of November alone as I tried to tackle NaBloPoMo. A couple of years ago my lack of posting really would have bothered me, but this year it doesn’t. Just like me, this blog is in a constant state of evolution. I don’t put all my eggs in this basket and I find that I still love coming here in between all of my other projects when I have something to say or document.

I’m completely stealing my friend Vikki’s idea and choosing some of my best writing from 2016 to share today. Just like every other year, they’re not all gems–not by a long shot–but I have definitely written some posts that make me proud. Here we go:

1. I Let Go: Technically I wrote the post at the end of 2015 but I spent three months editing it for the stage and I performed it in LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO in May. Therefore, I’m counting it for 2016. The essay is about dropping my younger son off at the airport for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Israel, without me and his dad. You can watch my LTYM Chicago reading, the final product, here.

2. Quality of Life: My tribute to Roxie, whose illness and death two weeks later came as a total shock to all of us, is one of my favorite essays from 2016 not because of the subject but because I don’t feel like I could have said it any better. I worked on the post in my head for her final week on earth, making occasional notes as if I were an obituaries writer for a major publication, preparing for the death of a celebrity. I wanted to write a tribute that would express how much she meant to me and the rest of my family, and I feel really good about having done just that. I still miss her so, so much. (You obviously don’t have feel pressured to read it: it’s super sad. I couldn’t leave it off of this list, though!)

3. The Cross: My rant on La Croix (*waves to Vikki*) and why I just don’t think I’m ever going to be about that life entertained a bunch of people, but mainly me. That reminds me, I still have a 12-pack of lime in my garage and I need to drive it up to Vikki’s house. I KNOW she’ll drink it.

4. Safety Saves: This post is actually my most-visited for 2016. It was shared all over the place and for that I am glad, because not only is it the story of Jim’s hit and run bike accident but it also suggests helmet use and wearing ID when you’re working out away from home. I heard from many friends (and a few strangers) afterwards, telling me they were purchasing ID necklaces and bracelets for their loved ones for Christmas and Hanukkah. I’m happy to have that kind of silver lining around our traumatic, life-changing experience and if my post prevents even one injury (or worse), well, that’s pretty amazing.

5. For the Children: Many of us have struggled with writing since the Presidential Election. I wrote this post about how I have been noticing children out in public more often than I usually do, and how we need to do what we can individually to help leave a better world for the next generation.

YOU are also my best. I appreciate everyone who takes a moment to stop here and read what I write every now and then: thank you so much. I wish you and your loved ones the very best in 2017. Happy New Year!