Have You Ever?

Have you ever looked down at your right hand and noticed that the only ring you wear 24/7 on that right hand, the tanzanite one you got a couple of years ago when on a cruise with your husband, is missing and so you launch into a panic while you simultaneously run around the house looking for it and sob hysterically and each time you come back into the dining room where your husband is (eating a late dinner because he just walked in from his group bike ride) to report that the ring isn’t ANYWHERE, your panic level goes up a notch even as he says things like, “We’ll just have to get you a new one!” and “Don’t worry, we’ll find it!” because the ring means a lot to you and then you tell him that it must have broken off because you’ve lost weight recently but not THAT much weight and also it couldn’t have disappeared too long ago because there’s still a small indentation on your finger, and then in addition to the sentimentality of it all you realize you’re going to have to go to Charming Charlie tomorrow to get a cheap ring to wear because you nervously spin your wedding ring on your left hand and that tanzanite ring on your right hand all! day! long! and you’re going to need something on that finger really quickly to satisfy your nervous habit and then in the middle of that thought your husband says, “When was the last time you remember playing with it?” and after you think back for a second you suddenly get a figurative lightning bolt to the head that causes you to quickly walk into the kitchen where you find the ring sitting right there on top of the breakfast bar because you put it there after you took it off when you one-handedly mixed up the meatballs you made for dinner and then you start crying again because you’re so relieved and also realize that this time everything you currently have going on might have really caused you to lose your mind because how could you actually forget that you took that ring off intentionally??

Me neither.

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