A Multiple Choice Knife Story

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Jim and I were recently staying in a Texas hotel room and, on a quick run to the grocery store, bought this set of cheese knives. Why?

Choose the best answer:

A. We were in town for a wedding and forgot to buy a gift before leaving Knoxville.

B. We have always wanted a cheese knife set but never think about it when we’re at the store, so when we saw this one we pounced on the opportunity.

C. We were at the grocery store for a dessert run and, bypassing all of the delicious sweets in the bakery department, became fixated on the fancy caramel apples covered in chocolate drizzle and chocolate chips. Not having metal utensils in the hotel room and resolute in our not wanting to eat the apples like we would corn on the cob, we spent twelve bucks on this set of cheese knives so our impulsive and poor dessert choice would be easier to enjoy.

Go ahead, guess.