Five Short Term Goals

Time flies when you’re living out of a suitcase. Suddenly Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and although I’m not hosting the holiday itself, our boys (plus one!) are traveling to Knoxville. Travel life is so lacking in routine I thought I’d better make a short list of some completely doable goals I need to accomplish between when I get home late tonight and Thursday:

1. Unpack and do laundry. (I know, that’s actually two tasks. #HowIRoll)

2. Grocery shop for staples plus some of the boys’ favorite foods.

3. Bake some holiday cookies to send home with the boys.

4. Wrap Hanukkah gifts so the boys can take them home in the car and I can save money on shipping.

5. Enjoy being home and able to sleep in my own bed. (This is not technically a goal; it’s a given. I like to see it typed out, though.)

I look forward to my great success over the next few days!

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