Research is Formalized Curiosity.

I have always been a curious person. Some might call it nosey, and admittedly on occasion that’s true. Mostly I just have an insatiable thirst for knowledge about lots of different things.

I was sitting here watching “Price is Right” with my mom (yes, on purpose!), and I started thinking about how I would prepare to be a potential contestant on the show. If I had tickets to be in the audience, you can bet my butt would be living at Best Buy for two weeks before the taping, doing pricing research. In addition, I’d be consulting with a travel agent on the varying costs of world travel to many different destinations. Knowledge is power, and Knowledge is also the secret to winning the Showcase Showdown.

I am that person who shouts, “I’ll Google it!” the second you wonder about something out loud. I will get the answer for you, probably with more information that you wanted or needed. Maybe you didn’t actually want to know what you wondered about, but it’s a compulsion for me to look things up and leave no stone unturned. Last weekend I verified that not only did Alan Thicke write the theme song to “The Facts of Life” but that he was also married to Gloria Loring, who sang it. I also entertained friends with too much information about the Ziggy comic strip and Fred Flintstone’s membership in the Fraternal Order of the Water Buffalo.

Just last night I was wondering if Tom Selleck was still married to Jillie Mack (he is). It never ends.

My friend Vikki wrote a post today called “Why is Technology Such a Beyotch?” and it really is, sometimes. That said, my ability to pull up information about pretty much anything under the sun makes that beyotch a little more easy to get along with, so I guess balance is everything. I think there’s a quote about that. I should go look it up.

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