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On Peeling Eggs and Other Things That Take Time

One of my contributions to the family Thanksgiving dinner this week was deviled eggs. I was determined to figure out how to peel them so they stayed looking as pristine as the eggs you see in the magazines, because usually when I peel hard boiled eggs they end up looking like a hot mess.

i did a little research of course, because that’s what I do. Let me save you some time; there are LOTS of theories out there about how best to peel eggs, and the theories contradict each other like you wouldn’t believe.

What I came up with that was different from what I’ve always done was:

1. Waiting to put the eggs into the pot until the water is nearly boiling, and

2. After cooking the eggs for thirteen minutes, put them into an ice bath immediately. Let them sit in there for five minutes before starting to peel them, and

3. Peel them slowly.

That last thing is key. I took my time peeling the eggs and it occurred to me for the first time that I’ve always been in a little bit of a hurry when peeling eggs before this week. Standing in my kitchen this week focusing on the slow peel made a ton of difference.

It got me thinking about other times I’ve been in a hurry, like at work on Listen To Your Mother or BlogHer, or even trying to rush my way through writing emails or blog posts. Working too fast creates more mistakes, always. This is probably not news to many of you, but for a serial multitasker and a chick who generally likes to get stuff done, it was a revelation. Slowing down equals fewer mistakes and actually enjoying the task at hand instead of trying to breeze through it just to get it checked off of the to-do list.

I keep learning things about myself and trying to do things a little differently when I can in this (sort of) new season of my life, and it’s amazing what I learn when my eyes are open.

Also? The eggs were delicious AND looked pretty nice, too.

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