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    Which Would You Choose, Love Or Money?

    For me, choosing between love and money is easy: I would choose love. (Not that money isn’t totally awesome, but you know.) My friends at Manilla just released this Valentine’s Day-themed video in which they asked a bunch of New Yorkers various questions relating to love, money, and Valentine’s Day, and some of the answers were pretty entertaining–like the gentleman who said, “I’d LOVE someone with MONEY.” Watch this: The questions were pretty thought-provoking. One of them asked “What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?” and I thought it was interesting that about half of the people didn’t have specific holiday memories and about half had very detailed memories. In my…

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    To my love on our twenty-sixth wedding anniversary: Every year when we go on our anniversary dinner date, you ask me the same question. “So…where do you think we’ll be in ten years?” Though I love the idea of verbalizing our ideas of what life will be like a decade from today while enjoying a meal together at a romantic restaurant, I never feel like I have a good enough answer: you always seem to have a more specific picture in mind than I do. I’m an excellent planner on a day-to-day basis but life has so many twists and turns that it’s hard for me to imagine what it…

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    A Thanksgiving Love Letter

    I hope you enjoy this month’s thankful-themed contribution to Hallmark’s “Life Is A Special Occasion” campaign! Let me know in the comments who YOU’RE thankful for! As I have extensively documented here on Suburban Scrawl, I live a very full, blessed life. Though I know I make most of the choices that pertain to me and thus can claim lots of credit for the various things that happen in my life, I am well aware of the help I receive from others along the way: we don’t go through life alone. This month, Hallmark asked me to express my thanks to someone special, someone who has had an impact on…

  • Jim Has Mad Skillz

    I’ve Been Thinking About You

    Jim and I have always been *that* kind of couple, the kind that checks in with each other a couple of times each day, the kind that connects over dinner and while relaxing in the evening…communicators. His time in the Navy way back in the day was most difficult for us, as it was before the internet and cell phones. When he was out to sea for months at a time, we relied on the rare phone call when he was in port and actual written letters, delivered sporadically on both ends. When he was a civilian again, we were better able to stay in touch during the work day.…

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    Here’s Why I Think Autumn Is So Great

    Call me crazy, but even though there are lots of enjoyable parts of summer, I absolutely adore autumn: it’s definitely the superior season in my opinion. Here’s why, in no particular order: 1. Sweatshirts and jeans 2. Hot cocoa early in the morning 3. The colors 4. Walking the dog without the threat of heat stroke 5. Caramel apples 6. Blankets 7. Season premieres of my favorite tv shows 8. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown 9. Soup 10. My birthday What about you? What’s your season?

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    This one’s for Jim. The idea that it has been a whole quarter of a century since we got married in that dusty little office of Norfolk, Virginia’s Justice of the Peace is something I am having trouble absorbing. While clearly it makes sense that twenty five years have passed–what with having lived in six homes in three cities, having raised two nearly-grown boys, and seeing just a *hint* of gray hair on both of our heads–at the same time it feels like I have just blinked a couple of times and, well, here we are. When we got married, I had just turned eighteen and you were almost twenty.…