Those Shoes.

I smile a lot.

I know, it can be sickening to the people of the world who aren’t so happy-go-lucky. Sorry/not sorry.

I just try to spend lots of time appreciating the little things as much as the big things.

Here’s one little thing that always always always makes me smile, no matter how many times I’ve seen it–and I’ve seen it hundreds of times:

Jim's shoes

Those are Jim’s shoes (Keen sandals) on the garage floor right behind his car. He wears those shoes from the house out to the garage, where he pulls his bike off of the ceiling hooks and leans it up against the brick wall outside. Then he slips his Keens off and puts his feet right into his cycling shoes, which don’t get to touch the pavement very much if he can help it. He puts his Keens in this exact spot on the floor so they’re waiting for him when he gets back, puts his helmet on, shuts the garage door, and rides away. The process is, of course, reversed when he returns home.

I LOVE when I’m out somewhere and then pull up into the driveway and open the garage door…and see those shoes.

Those shoes are there because he hates being barefoot. (Oddly enough, I love being barefoot.)
Those shoes mean he’s out doing what he loves. (Cycling freak, in the best way.)
Those shoes mean he’s out doing something that is good for his health.
Those shoes mean he’ll be back soon.
Those shoes, for some reason, make me feel all mushy gushy about my husband.

And that makes me smile.