Time For a Little Humor

Whew! After all of my complaining about Walmart right here, and Swishy’s complaining about New York & Company here, and Julie’s news story about Walmart here (though that was a very funny story), I thought we could all use a laugh (and if you read my NaBloPoMoFo posts, I’m using the same pictures from today’s because I love them so much! So ignore!!).

Here is the hubby, playing with Roxie.


Yes, they’re really playing. He can get away with anything, because she adores him. I mean, look at her eyes! If that’s not love, I don’t know what is!! I could watch them play around for hours because it’s so hilarious. Unfortunately a human wouldn’t have the desire to wrestle around with a dog like this for hours, just for his wife’s enjoyment.

Here’s another one:



  • Kat

    Could she be any cuter? Why is it that our husbands can get away with anything regarding our pets? I am the one who feeds and pets and cleans yet here’s the hubby getting all the love and play *lol*. Same in my household. Our cats adore the hubby (probably cuz he doesn’t try to teach them not to slash each others throats)