Thanks! (and a lot of complaining about Wal Mart)

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, and thanks to Dad AND Mom for commenting! (Mom commented under a previous day’s post)

I had a really good, quiet day. I taught my cycling class, came home and walked the dog, and then did a little computer stuff. When the fifteen-year-old came home from school, I took him to his ortho appointment (actually, HE drove). We went to the post office, and then made my one major error of the day: went to Wal-Mart. OMG, I HATE that place. We only went because I was looking for some inexpensive fleece material to donate to the Eagle project of a Boy Scout in our troop. I’ll have to remember next time I have that brilliant idea that the couple dollars I’ll save is totally not worth the visit.

It has been more than 2 years since I have stepped into our local “Wally World”, as my father-in-law calls it. I don’t know what the Wal-Mart is like where you live (and I’m sure there IS one), but ours seems dirty. Also, the people who work there, though probably lovely people in their real life once they are out of the W-Mart confines, are (while at work)–in my experience (don’t you love all my disclaimers???), rude and slow as molasses. There is no sense–in my opinion!–of wanting to give customers good, timely service. For example, the fifteen-year-old and I couldn’t find the hand and foot warmers that we needed to get for the scout camping trip this weekend, and we couldn’t find ANYONE to ask. We finally gave up and just got in the cashier line to pay for the two items we did find. The line was the “Speedy Checkout”; the cashier was not. Speedy.

I called Jim just to tell him that “Wal Mart still sucks.”

After I hung up, I noticed that way on the other end of cash registers, there were four “Self-checkout” registers. I love those! I said, “Hey, let’s go down there!” All four register lights were on (indicating they were “open”). We rushed down there and, upon getting in line behind one of the people at the register (there was only one person at each station), a Wal Mart employee said to me, “Oh, we’re closing this area. We close the Self-checkouts at 5.” (it was exactly 5) The lights were still on! Could she have just let US check out there and then TURN OFF THE FREAKIN REGISTER LIGHTS so nobody else would get in line? I wasn’t even surprised by this turn of events. I just said, “Oh…Okay…” and we had to race back to the other register, where a lady with a full cart had arrived in line since we left. Annoying. What kind of idiot was I, to go there on my birthday for goodness sakes????!!!!

But that was the only blip in my day!

Jim was so thoughtful AND creative; check out what he gave me!

We had a fun dinner last night at Buffalo Wild Wings, and then came home for French Silk pie and a little “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. Boring, right? But I love that show. There’s nothing like a good laugh! I LOVE to watch the clips of hilarious dogs, and the ones of babies giggling uncontrollably,

Then it was off to bed! A low-key but LOVELY birthday.


  • Kat

    Gosh reading your account of your experience at Wal Mart made me cringe. We do have a Wal Mart here where I live and everything you said is true over here as well. I’ve only gone in twice though the second time was more or less just to see if they had a cheap washing mashine. They didn’t. The experience was ghastly

  • Andie

    I used to love walmart but i’m growing more and more towards hating it.

    there is an interesting documentary about walmart out there …. i want to see it.

  • jusmehere!

    I am so with you on Walmart! I had vowed never to go again about three years ago until last week a doctor told me the prescription was only four dollars there. It was a horrible experience also including a ridiculous self checkout scenario.

    I’m considering paying more for the medicine. Walmart is probably charging four dollars because chinese children are coating them in lead paint anyway.

  • Swishy

    We have a very nice Walmart on one side of town and a VERY CRAPPY one on the other side. I would rather die than go to the crappy one, even though it’s closer.

  • Anonymous

    Wal Mart sucks! KMart rocks! Of course I had to say that since my just-turned-17 year old is working there now! 😉 Just ask Nick, he’ll clue you in on ALL of the great deals at your local KMart. LOL

    Oh, and I went to WalMart this year on Scott’s birthday to get some dog food. Um yeah. Not a pretty picture when the wind knocked my car door into the car next to me. The man inside the car was NOT amused. sheesh! He took my license plate number, phone number, etc. and told me he was sure that little scratch was going to cost me at least $100. I told him that I’d be glad to call the police and my insurance agent for him. I haven’t heard from him since! HA!

    Anyway…glad to hear that you had such a relaxing birthday.

    And my boy? You know the baby at Bijoux’s first birthday party? He’s now 17. ACK!!!!

    Love ya! Dawn

  • Melisa

    ACK! I know, Dawn! 17! I can’t believe it! Another piece of proof of our old age.

    (Remember, I was engaged at that age! LOL)

    I remember when he was still in your womb! Good times! 🙂

  • SpAzzGiRL

    love AFV too!
    And hate Wally World…Ours is a pigsty with the worst customer service ever! I avoid it like the plague and refer to it as “hell”.
    happy belated bday!!

  • Melisa

    Thanks, Spazzgirl!

    I have discovered thru this post that Walmart is indeed the same, no matter where in the world you are. 🙂

  • Melisa

    Hi Eyes as Windows!
    (and welcome!)

    That video was hilarious, and I’m happy to know that the laughing baby I chose was #3…the quads were so funny!