The Best Thing Ever on Paper

With all the talk we’ve been doing about customer service, I’ve been dying to post the great gift I found! I had to wait to post, though, because although I gave one to Julie/Jules last Saturday, I am just leaving in a few minutes to give the other one I bought to my friend Diane. What is it, you ask? It’s perfect, that’s what. Have you ever wanted to leave a comment (good or bad), but comment cards weren’t offered at that particular establishment? Well, depend on others no more; just stick a pad of these in your purse:


Isn’t that great? You can get some for yourself at Knock Knock. Check out all their other stuff, too. I totally use the heck out of their grocery lists:


Have fun browsing!


  • Melisa

    Joozie: I can’t WAIT for that! I’ll have to make sure to treat you exxxxxxxxxxtra niiiiiiice. 🙂 I wouldn’t want you to have to check off that you’ll be boycotting us in the future!

    Kat: I should have bought a pad for myself, I know. I’m sure I’ll be ordering again!

    Andie: Good to “see” you! 🙂 Isn’t that site FUN? Glad I could share with you guys.

  • Taj

    I’m totally getting the tool, keepin’ it real and or else stickies!

    I could really cause some trouble with the stuff from that site. 😉

  • Melissa

    Holy cow! I would be kicked out of every establishment I frequented if I brought these babies along.

    I’m going to have to go check out this KNOCK KNOCK place. I see the next hour being wasted…thanks!