Just Look Who I “Ran Into”!

So, I was aimlessly driving around in the downtown area of my particular Chicago suburb last night with a trunkload of books, and I was shouting out the car window, “Books for sale! Books for sale!” And then suddenly, I heard some shrieking. I thought I heard my name being called but wasn’t too sure, because it sounded like “Melissa” with two s’s and not just one, but I listened closer…

She called louder: “Hey! Melisa! With one s! I want a book!”

Well, of course that got my attention and I turned toward the screaming and, after looking around and around I finally found the source, hanging out the 2nd-story window of our local salon and spa in -20 degree weather (with wet hair), dangling a wine glass and waving her other arm madly. Squinting my eyes to try to figure out just who this raving lunatic was, I was so excited to discover that it was a very, very famous celebrity…*

…around HERE, in the blogosphere! That’s right! It was Manic Mommy!


*The details of our “coincidental” meeting were exaggerrated to make the story more entertaining. The account is, actually, complete fiction. Well, except for the salon and spa. And the wine. And she was obviously really there. And I really did bring her a book, because her neighbor’s dog recently passed away. And although she is not a “dog person”, she IS a people person and cares about her neighbor very much.

I adore Manic Mommy’s blog and read it daily, even though she hardly visits me here. Manic actually lives in the next suburb over, and although I know exactly which house she resides in, we laugh (or maybe it’s just me laughing) that she still doesn’t know exactly where I live.

We had a great meeting of the minds on our first Blind Blogger Date (can there be more than one Blind Blogger Date?) and I documented it on my other blog, here. She is a fun gal and while I visited with her at the salon for about a half an hour last night, we talked about all kinds of important issues such as global warming and the economy and….Ugh, no we didn’t! It was way more interesting than that!

After I took the photo (which she approved for posting: she wants you all to see that she is a gorgeous babe even with a head full of foil), we said our goodbyes and I made a very important decision:

Manic: when we meet for that lunch that we spoke of (In February), I am going to tell you what subdivision I live in! xoxo


  • Manic Mom

    And in the meantime, I will be sharpening my knives just for the occasion of the day you share that very personal subdivision info with me… [insert evil maniacal laughter here, because, foils or no foils, I am Manic Mommy!]

  • suchsimplepleasures

    i’m soooooooooooooooooooooo jealous!!! i want to have lunch with you!!! come to my subdivision and sell books…and then, we can meet by accident and all that kind of stuff!!! waaaaaaaaah!!

  • Melissa

    Dammit! Am I the only one that lies in the area and hasn’t met Manic? How do I finagle an invite to lunch? jk!!

    That is one strong woman to ok a foil picture. You go, Manic!!

  • Melisa

    Manic: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I guess I’ll have to train Roxie to be an attack dog, huh!

    SSP/Melissa: Sure, no problem. I’ll just drive to your state and peddle my books over there! LOL Maybe we can meet in the middle!

    Melissa my Cyber Sista: Silly, you’re probably NOT the only one who lives here but hasn’t met Manic, but maybe we can fix that with a Lunch Convention of Chi-town bloggers! (Not before this Bar Mitzvah though!)

  • Melissa

    LOL! I think I meant to say lives in the area…though sometimes I lies in the areas, too. Sheesh!

    Let me know when and we will figure it out! I would love to get together with all of you guys.

  • Joeprah

    A lot of people call me Joeprah but none of them blog. It would be cool to meet another blogger eventually…me = jealous.

  • Kat

    LMAO what a great work of fiction. For a minute there I was almost buying it.
    I’ve never met a fellow blogger but hope to do so in 2010 the latest ;o)

  • Tanya

    I think I realized why I like you guys (notice the use of you guys to refer to a group of mostly girls) I am from Chicago, too. I grew up in Wheeling. At the tender age of 11 I was transported to the state of misery where I am doomed to reside forever. No matter where I live though its always going to be “pop”.

  • Manic Mom

    Tanya! We moved to Philly for a while and I called it soda, then we came back here. I have a hard time calling it pop again. When I lived in Florida, we called it coke.

    The stuff we snorted too.

  • Melisa

    Joeprah: Welcome to my ‘hood! I love your blog! (I lurk there occasionally)

    Kat: Thanks! I thought it was pretty good too! LOL
    Don’t you worry: we’re going to have a couple of fun posts in 2010. I’m getting over there if it’s the last thing I do! (Insert ominous music here…)

    Tanya: Come back home! 🙂

    Manic: You are too much. BTW, I just discovered that this was my 100th post! So congrats to me, and thanks to you, you blood-donation-pusher, you!

  • suchsimplepleasures

    i had to come back here, to respond…and have it thrown in my face AGAIN that i don’t get to have lunch with you!!!
    anyway…this is the last year of sun/thurs school for my 6th graders. next year, we will have 2 going only on monday…and they’ll be having a b’nai mitzvah in 2009. also, my younger two will be going for a couple more years, two days…and then…my youngest guy!! will it ever end!? i’m going to have to take like 20 mortgages out on my house, for the bar/bat mitzvahs!!! oy vey iz schmear…obviously, i don’t know how to spell it…only say it, and with great gusto, might i add!!

  • Kalynne Pudner

    OMG. Am I the only one in this broad and amorphous circle (or is it amorous circle of broads? circle of broad Aphrodites?) who doesn’t live in Chicagoland? Why is all the fun happening where it’s too cold to breathe?

    Guess I’m just gonna have to stalk the lot of y’all through cyberspace.

  • Melisa

    Melissa: Are you sure it’s Feb 25 and not Feb 52? I fig you os muhc. U R so funne.

    Kay: I was waiting for someone to go out there on a limb. Did you do it yet? (Give blood, that is) I’m thinking about it, I’m thinking about it!

    Kalynne: We (esp. me) are VERY stalker-friendly here in Chi-town. You’re welcome to keep an eye on me and–I’ll speak for the other girls–the rest of them as much as you want! 🙂

    Semblance: Uh, yeah…something like that! (Just kidding: I agree!)

  • Melisa

    Andrea: Thanks! I thought so too, but it’s nice to know I had some of you going for a minute. 🙂

    CO writer: Of which part? LOL