I Just May Get Some Alone Time AGAIN!

Guess what arrived today?


Younger Boy’s Shipment


Older Boy’s Shipment

That’s right, it’s a banner day in this Suburban household. Thank goodness they both got here today. I wasn’t looking forward to setting up one boy’s computer while the other boy looked on forlornly, with one single tear rolling down his cheek because his shipment took longer. Sometimes things work out just the way you want them to. Yippee!

(And while I’m being thankful, I’m VERRRRY thankful that they paid for these and I didn’t!)


  • Mom24

    Ohhh I am so excited for them…especially for your younger one. I’m sure he’s been anxiously waiting. Enjoy your solitude. I hope everything gets set up easily. You must be so proud of your boys.

  • Kat

    Ohhh ohhhh ohhh the geek in me is totally excited for your boys and even more so for you. Hope you’re going to have blissful hours to yourself. You know…being the ruler over the remote control etc. 🙂

    Somehow I can’t picture you sitting down really 🙂

  • Melisa

    We had so much fun setting them up last night…and I DID get to watch “Dancing with the Stars” (Night #2 of the season premiere) alone again, because they were messing with their new stuff!

    But you’re right Kat: It is VERY hard for me to sit. 🙂