The Miracle of Gum

While waiting for the sixteen-year-old to take his road test, the thirteen-year-old and I sat in the waiting area near the service counter. We were watching a woman completely go nuts all over a DMV worker. We didn’t know how she was “being wronged”, but she was totally letting him have it, F-bombs flying everywhere. He was, amazingly, and probably because this happens alot, the epitome of calm while she opened up a can of whoop-a$$ on him.

The thirteen-year-old turned to me and whispered, “I’ve got some Orbit in my pocket. Do you think she could use it for her dirty mouth?”

He cracks me up (almost) every time.


  • Melissa

    LOL! Usually it’s the DMV people giving the customers a hard time. I’m off to the DMV next week, so not looking forward to it…are you telling me to take some Orbit gum? 😉

  • Colleen

    You lint linker ninnymuggins!

    SO funny. Glad the boy didn’t offer it – he might have gotten slapped!

  • Melisa

    Melissa: Yep, maybe you should chew some as you walk in. And bring an extra piece just in case a worker there isn’t as calm as the one I observed!

    Anissa: LOL: Those church events can be brutally curse-inducing! 🙂

    Huckdoll: It’s worth the drive over the border! Well, maybe not.

    Dea: I’ll bring you some…IF I EVER SEE YOU IN CLASS AGAIN! Where have you been???

    Mags: Happy 4th to you too!

    Colleen: He really wanted to ask her! For a split second. Then I think there were a few too many F-bombs and he quickly decided it would be a bad idea. 😉

  • Dea

    The boys were sick Tuesday, and I had a migraine so bad, I finally caved in and took a vicodin for it….was AWFUL! 🙁 I just HATE missing my spin….

  • My boys are Army Brats

    That is so funny! I love when my boys say the funniest things at the most appropriate time. Unfortunately yesterday at fireworks we were mad at the MP’s and my six year old yells “dirty” at them. Who does that?