Pic or Treat!

Melisa, 1974

Melisa and Julesie, 1975

Melisa (with friends), as Adam Ant in the Kings of the Wild Frontier era, 1984

Our little devil: The Older One, 1993

Yes, I made this Jester costume, 1994. The Older Boy’s comment (fed to him by his father): “I looka like a dog.”

Ignore my hair. I made these costumes, too. 1996

Our little Buckaroo, and a Native American, too. 1997


With our neighbors, 2000

Wait, I had to share this one too. 2000

Honoring New York’s finest and JK Rowling as well, 2001

The real devil in the family, 2004

Hot dog! 2007

How it really is, 2008

Happy Halloween! Be safe out there, and don’t eat too much candy! xoxo


  • Michelle

    Ok I’m still stuck on the fact that your profile pic with the tiara isn’t actually really wearing a tiara. I’m so crushed! And I saw that princess hat last night and almost bought it for Little Miss until I realized it was meant for a dog πŸ™‚

  • Melisa

    Michelle: I have two responses that immediately came to mind; you can choose which one you like better. πŸ™‚

    1. “Pay no attention to that woman behind the tiara!”


    2. Oh, believe me, I was wearing it. You can’t see it, but I was “wearing” it. Ask my sister. πŸ™‚

  • Jennifer

    LOL!! I love your blast from the past pics! Okay, now fess up…did you super-impose the tiara onto your head in your Blog ID picture? It looks freakishly like picture #1in this post but picture #1 has no tiara! HA! Sharp, aren’t I!?!