Pic or Treat!

Melisa, 1974

Melisa and Julesie, 1975

Melisa (with friends), as Adam Ant in the Kings of the Wild Frontier era, 1984

Our little devil: The Older One, 1993

Yes, I made this Jester costume, 1994. The Older Boy’s comment (fed to him by his father): “I looka like a dog.”

Ignore my hair. I made these costumes, too. 1996

Our little Buckaroo, and a Native American, too. 1997


With our neighbors, 2000

Wait, I had to share this one too. 2000

Honoring New York’s finest and JK Rowling as well, 2001

The real devil in the family, 2004

Hot dog! 2007

How it really is, 2008

Happy Halloween! Be safe out there, and don’t eat too much candy! xoxo


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