Ms. Maggie Moo and a Bowl of Stew

I have a couple of food-related things to share with you today; the first one is way exciting. Or it could be. No, strike that. It IS way exciting.

My girl Mags over at Ms Maggie Moo Talks 2 U is having a contest and I need you to help me win by entering to win yourself! (Still with me?) The prize? Some of her amazing home-baked goodies, shipped directly to your door! (or hopefully, MY door.)

It’s easier for Mags to explain, so I’m copying her details here:

“The rules are simple:
1. Leave a comment (on MAGS’ blog post) telling me (her) you would like to be submitted.

2. To earn more entries, have other bloggers (who are not on my blogroll) come by to enter by commenting on this post. THEY MUST SAY THAT YOU SENT THEM. Their name will be entered and you will gain 1 more entry! The more people you send, the more entries you get!

3. If you are chosen as the winner, you must email me to tell me what items stood up to shipping and which items did not. After all, that is the main reason I am doing this.

Contest ends at 5pm EDT, Friday 11/21. At that time I will compile all entries and pick 1 grand prize winner. Depending on the number of entries received, I may also choose a runner up.

Winners will be contacted via email (as well as announced here) by 10pm EDT 11/21.

Please note, you must be willing to provide me with your *real* name and mailing address in order to receive the prize!”

So basically, what I need for all of you to do is to go and visit Mags. Check out her goodies. (ooh, that sounds dirty, but I’m leaving it. Sorry Mags!) Leave a comment on her post telling her that MELISA SENT YOU and that you want to enter her contest as well. (Kat, you’ll be entering for yourself only since you’re on her blogroll, but you probably already know that.) That way, you’ll be entered AND I’ll get a bonus entry. If you want bonus entries, tell your readers! (A note especially to Nukedad: Hey dude, you could get a *REAL* cake sent to you if you win Mags’ contest!) Mags loves to entertain, so invite as many over as you want. While you’re there, read more of Mags’ stuff. I really enjoy reading her blog because it’s a cornucopia (Isn’t there a law that Autumn is the only season you can use the word “cornucopia”? That’s why I’m throwing it in here.) of stories, recipes, and stories about her life in Bah-ston, Mass. Mags is a gentle sort. She is reflective about life, she is passionate about friendship and everything else that is important to her, and she is a real foodie, because she’s a Chef: gotta love that. So go see her, tell her I said hello and that one of us better win her contest, and then come back and leave me a comment here because otherwise I’ll get lonely.

In other food news, I made the best slow cooker beef stew last night. Emeril Lagasse came through for me again. It was the perfect dreary, gray, fall day for it and it was a big hit with the whole family. Stacey, this one you’ve gotta try. The recipe can be found by clicking here. Seriously? It was awesome. Take a look and just tell me you don’t want to yell “BAM!”




  • Mom24

    Wow! What an awesome post for a hungry Wednesday morning. I entered the contest (for me and for you. :-)) and I can’t wait to try the stew. Thanks.

  • oh my GOFF!

    I wanna win!! Here I come! BTW my sister has “slow cooker” recipe book on her christmas list this year. Any suggestions sister?

  • Weaselmomma

    I made beef stew last night too! It was the perfect yucky weather day and the comfort food just hit the spot.

  • Mags

    So at first I was totally psyched to wake up this morning with lots of Melisa sent me comments-but then I came over here to read what you wrote and I’m extremely touched!

    Thank you for all of the nice things you said about me! And I know it’s not sucking up b/c the names will be drawn out of a hat! 🙂

    You’ve gotten lots of entries-great job!

    And also-beef stew? My favorite!

  • Sarah Clapp

    I voted for you and Angie. I hope that counts!!! I’m happy to find another blog from the Boston area. Thanks!! I hope you win your cupcakes. Or as my son calls them, “pupcakes”.

  • Michelle

    Mmmmmmmmmm that looks good! YUM! Tuesday next week, no doubt (remind me?). And if I win cupcakes, I promise to share with you!