North Pole, South Pole, Suburban Scrawl Poll

Looking for something to do? I’m conducting a scientific study and need your help. Check out my left sidebar and participate in my poll! (And there are THREE of them…so keep scrolling!) Thanks!



  • Sarah

    Hmmm…my answer is not very accurate on the 2nd poll. I do read comments – not always when I’m just bored. It’s more a matter of if I have time to dig that much deeper and have enjoyed the conversation that is going on there thus far. 🙂

  • nonna

    “If You Celebrate Christmas, Will You Make Time To Come and Visit This Jewish Blogger Over the Next Week or So?”

    i shouldn’t even admit this, but i was like “what jewish blogger? is there a link i’m not seeing? why doesn’t she just tell us she found somebody she wants us to go look at. dee dee dee! she’s the jewish blogger! ahhh i didn’t know that. well of course we’ll come see her. she comes to see us even though it’s hannukah (sp?) and we aren’t jewish, right?”

    yeah just call me blondie

  • Dea

    Um, I didn’t have an answer for the third, as I say it BOTH ways – it pops out of my mouth either way, depending on how my mouth is working….it’s sort of like that with the word pecan – pi-cahhn, or peee-can… or the other will pop out….and yes, I’m weird….

  • Lilacspecs

    Delurking to say I’m Jewish (well, the kind of Jewish that doesn’t do the whole god thing, so more a buddhist atheist Jewish) so anyone giving me reading material during Christmas is wonderful an dI’ll be reading it.

  • stACEy

    Me not coming by has nothing to do with the holiday, we are doing a family no technology next week. Well, until Friday or so I guess. LOL
    No TV, computer, games, etc starting Saturday afternoon until Friday. Wish me luck. I will miss your blog though. I’d love to learn more about your traditions and beliefs during this time. I’m much more apt to learn / read about it from your blog than by looking it up on Google. I learn like that.

  • Tom

    I came this close (picture my thumb and forefinger in very close proximity) to actually attempting to pronounce the word “tiara” out loud, before realizing there was another option. Whew.

  • Melissa

    Who knew there were that many different ways to say tiara!! I didn’t vote in the second poll. I usually read comments but not always…how’s that for kinda but not really?

  • Melisa

    Wow! I totally expected that nobody would comment on this particular post. You all totally surprised me. I love how some of you explained your answers; I would totally do the same thing.

    I have to admit, I am feeling sad because I say “tee-air-uh” and although I’m not alone, the “tee-aahr-uh”s have more votes at this point so now I feel like I’m kinda dumb. I’m going to have to research if there are indeed two official pronunciations and I’ll get back to everybody. Except Tom, who doesn’t care. LOL

    StACEy: don’t worry, you can catch up after Friday! Have a nice sabbatical!

    Dianne and Lilacspecs: thanks for commenting! xoxo

    Dawn: I can’t wait to be all dorky with you next week!

  • Michelle

    I’ll visit when I can but I go to STL tomorrow and then to San Antonio next Sat. My blog reading may be ummm limited. I’ll get to it eventually though 😉