Eight Crazy Posts! (#5)

Merry Christmas to all of my friends out there who are celebrating it! I hope you have a fun-filled day with your families.

My non-Jewish friends often ask me, “What exactly do you DO on Christmas?” The answer? Nothing. It’s actually very, very difficult to go out and do anything, because almost everything is obviously closed. You readers who celebrate Christmas probably can’t really relate because you are very busy opening gifts in the morning around the tree and then getting ready to spend the rest of the day with relatives; imagine if you didn’t do that. The world is almost like a ghost town. I’m not complaining; actually it’s sort of nice to be *forced* to mostly stay home for a day and have few choices in activity because every other day of the year I’m running around like a crazy woman!

On that note, I wanted to share one of my favorite little films from the people at “Saturday Night Live.” If you want to actually read the lyrics, click here.

More tomorrow…I’m off to the movies!



  • Melissa

    So then it’s Chinese for dinner tonight, right? Did you know Hanukkah Harry visited our house last night…aren’t we lucky!!

    Enjoy the movie!!

  • Melisa


    We have had trouble finding Chinese restaurants open in our area over the past few years; the one near the salon closes now! Instead, Jim makes stir-fry on Christmas now. 🙂

    Did Hanukkah Harry deliver you more porn-in-a-stocking? 🙂

  • Melissa

    No more porn in a stocking…I think that’s a one time occurance…;)

    Hanukkah Harry brought Joe A Christmas Story board game…it’s a tradition in our house. If we know the other person isn’t going to buy something we know we totally have to have we buy it ourselves and then say it was a surprise from Hanukkah Harry.

    One year Joe got a Playstation that way…

  • Michelle

    So how was the movie? And what movie did you see? I remember being in high school and heading out to see a horror movie on the night of Christmas but … not anymore!

    I’d like an enforced day of rest with not even the familial obligations, but that is yet to come!

  • Huckdoll

    The movies always seem to be open! My family and friends who don’t celebrate Christmas always head to the movie theatre and to be honest, it makes me insanely jealous. I always think that would be so peaceful and relaxing. Thanks for the Christmas wishes, Melisa!

  • Melisa

    We saw “Four Christmases”, and the theater was PACKED. Even the new Tom Cruise movie was sold out, and who thought THAT would happen? 🙂

    4 Christmases was AWESOME. Very funny!