My Wish For You

I have “met” so many new people through blogging, and it’s been a pleasure learning each of your stories. Reading about our similarities, our differences, and just making connections in general has brought me much joy this year, and I want to thank you all so much.

As we say “Buh-bye!” to 2008, here’s what I wish for you for 2009:

** If you have had health issues, I wish you recovery.

** If you have struggled financially, I wish you prosperity.

** If you have dealt with broken relationships, I wish you closure (in one way or another).

** If you have been stressed, I wish you peace.

** If you are out of work, I wish you speedy re-employment.

** If you have had a loss, I wish for you the ability to accept, remember, and keep living.

** If you have been blessed with smooth sailing, I wish you continued fair winds and following seas.

Happy New Year from me to you, with much love! Have a great time tonight, and be safe!