Are You a Goal Getter?

What with all the talk about New Year’s Resolutions and all (I don’t really make them; they’re too easy to break!), I have indeed *refocused* myself for this upcoming year of working out and attempting to eat a little better.

On the way home from my first workout of 2009 this morning, I thought to myself, “I wonder if there’s anyone out there in my little bloggie community who might want to come together and support each other’s healthy goals for the upcoming year?”

To that end (now *that* sounds official, doesn’t it?), I have opened up the door on another blogsite. This one won’t be for anyone’s eyes except for those who participate. The site will have four main purposes:

1. To be a place to log workouts
2. To put up assorted goal-oriented posts
3. To help hold each other accountable
4. To share success in a group dynamic

I think it would be really cool to post our initial goals, whatever they are: weight loss, fat percentage loss, decrease in clothing size or inches, better eating, lower cholesterol…whatever. I look forward to encouraging some of you, and I hope to gain inspiration from others as well!

Check out what I’m thinking, HERE, and either leave me a comment (with your e-mail address if I don’t already have it) if you’re interested in participating or e-mail me directly (see the link, to the left).

I will make this “Goal Getters 2009” blog (working title!) private after Monday or Tuesday, so only the participating blog authors will have access to it.


Join me!

P.S. If you don’t blog on blogger, you can still participate just by registering with Blogger…come on: do it!



  • NukeDad

    I did this last summer on cre8buzz and was semi-successful. Then I fell of the bandwagon and broke both ankles. I need to do something, so count me in.

  • Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

    I know group dynamics really help me stay on goal, so yeah, count me in. I don’t have huge expectations for weight loss in ’09, but it’ll be fun to be part of a group!

  • Mr Lady

    I’d need to get one of my kids on Ritalin and then eat all of his prescription to even consider something this crazy. I’m tired just reading about it. Now where’s my donuts?

  • nonna

    hell yeah Mr. Lady! that’s what i was thinking as i sit here eating my Little Debbie (my BFF) german chocolate cookie. it’s almost as good as a girl scout samoa, but they sell it year round and it’s not an arm and a leg and another leg for a box.

    wha? oh, well sorry. i’ll take my junk food talk else where since yall are gonna participate in some kind of group (cult) torture session.

    i’ll create a support blog for everybody who joins and then drops out after a few weeks and can’t deal with the guilt 🙂

    ok. i lied that’s too much work.

  • Melisa

    Nukedad: Ah yes, I remember your attempt on Cre8Buzz. That's when we were still mere acquaintances and not the bosom buds we are now. LOL
    Awesome…I'm glad you're in!

    Jen: Woo hoo! Consider yourself counted!

    Colleen: Small expectations are better anyway. Expectations of any size are totally welcome!

    Mr. Lady & Nonna: Your displays of moral support are just blinding in nature. Thank you so much! I'm gonna make both of you adorable little cheerleader outfits. *giggling*

    stACEy: E-mail is coming your way!! 🙂

  • Michelle

    I’ll do it… but only if you promise to teach me a spin class and be nice to me so I can learn how 😉 I’m still scarred after my first experience.

    Oh and you’ll be proud of me. Webkinz introduced a tiara. I had to but it for Mister Man’s Webkinzes. (Is that the plural?)

  • Sue

    OK, OK, don't twist my arm too hard. I am in, but my M&Ms are coming with me. I will have to work out extra hard to include them.

  • Huckdoll

    I’m going to come join you guys the moment I’ve passed the hot and cold sweats and shaking that have occurred with quitting smoking. I need this though and I am SO there. I’d say by mid-week 🙂

  • Melisa

    Glad to have you girls on board! By now you should have received your keys to the castle via e-mail…

  • nonna

    um…if they are little, they won’t be too adorable on me. could be from lack of exercise but more likely the clothes are at fault. can’t come up with a good reason why, but it sounds good anyway.