Random Thoughts: The Entertainment Edition

*** I haven’t watched daytime soap operas in about twelve years (give or take a few). This past Thursday I came home from work sick with a migraine and was crawling into bed, tv on ABC because that’s the channel we had it on the night before, and I was totally disturbed to see *blatant* product placement for a soup, right there in the middle of the dramatic scene. I am fairly certain that, back in the sixties when soap operas were first broadcast, product placement was actually a major reason why they were on in the first place: to advertise to housewives. But today? Aren’t there commercials for that? (I guess it’s a by-product of the economy…?) I was totally annoyed by it. I found a similar sort of clip, also from an ABC soap, for your enjoyment-slash-annoyance. I couldn’t embed it, so click here. (It’ll open in a new window) You won’t be sorry. Or maybe you will.

*** We often sing “Roxanne” by the Police to Roxie. Sometimes it feels weird singing a song about a prostitute to a beagle, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

*** INXS was always one of my favorite bands. In fact, call me crazy if you want, but my late, great beagle Bijoux “spoke to me” through one of their songs after she died. Years ago, lead singer Michael Hutchence killed himself, leaving his daughter without a Daddy and his band without a lead singer. The tv show “Rock Star: INXS” was on in 2005 and the Fab Five glued ourselves to it for that hour each week, watching the band pick a new lead singer. Finally, while I protested loudly, the band chose JD Fortune, a guy who admittedly sounded eerily like Michael Hutchence. He had been living in his car and this was a huge, once in a lifetime break for him. Well, Jim just notified me (and I found it online later) that he screwed the pooch. He’s out of the band and living in his car again. Idiot. I guess they should have gone with one of the other two finalists. I bet Mig and Marty wouldn’t have let them down…

*** “Celebrity Apprentice” premieres next week. It looks like it’s going to be a bloodbath trainwreck, like the best sorts of reality shows. I only wish that any of the following people were going to be on it, so Jim might change his opinion from “No way in hell I’m watching that” to “Hmm. Looks interesting”:

–Les Stroud from “Survivorman”
–Mike Rowe from “Dirty Jobs”
–Simcha Jacobovici from “The Naked Archaeologist”


*** The first couple of times I heard Flo Rida’s “Right Round”, I didn’t like it because I really like the original song that he samples:

But now its catchiness has gotten to me. Rock on, Flo!



  • WeaselMomma

    It cracks me up how emotionally involved you are in all of this. Are you all about the Oscars tonight? What are wearing?

  • OhCaptain

    Product placements are every where. Some of my favorites have been in movies. If you watch prime time TV there is just as many. Ever notice what Simon on and gang on American Idol drink from? Or which cell phone and provider they use?

    Flo just isn’t quite as trans-gender as the original artist. I wonder if Flo realizes just how trans-gender that song really was 🙂

  • Sue

    The song Roxanne, always reminds me of my friend Rob singing it to me at the top of his lungs back in the car on our way home from skiing one day. His words were, “Suzanne, you don’t have to put on your ski boots……”

    I do love Mike Rowe from Discover Channel. He cracks me up.

    And Flo’s remake is good, but am I hearing it with a dirty mind, because I wouldn’t let my kid dance to it for the talent show.

    What are you wearing for the awards tonight? I may put on my best jammies.

  • Melisa with one S

    Weaselmomma: Hey, what can I say? I’m a Scorpio: nothing if not emotional and passionate. LOL

    I am totally NOT all about the Oscars tonight! We’re skipping it over here, believe it or not. Amazing Race is on at 7 and then we’ll probably watch something on the DVR. I’m not in a red carpet kind of mood, I guess!

    Oh Captain: Yep, I know that in general, product placements are all over the place, movies, prime time tv, etc. It was just that on this soap (One Life to Live), it wasn’t that the soup was just sitting there in the background; the dialogue was *something* like this: (I can’t remember the exact scenario but you’ll get the idea)

    Her: What are we going to do about him? He’s just trouble.

    Him: I know. The drugs he’s been doing have really messed him up.

    Her: Totally. Oh, btw, I made you some lunch.

    Him: Really? Oh, soup! What kind is it?

    Her: Healthy Choice Blahdee Blah. Yeah (waving her hand around), it’s good for your heart and doesn’t have a lot of salt and all that jazz, you know. So anyway, what are we going to do about this drug-addicted brother of yours?

    See what I mean, OhCaptain? Bothersome. 🙂

    Sue: You’re right, Flo’s song is dirrrrty. But catchy at the same time! (Such a dilemma with pop music these days.)

  • Andie

    dang. that hotness JD Fortune is in his car again? WOW!

    and I will only like the original version of Dead or alive. Can’t get into the Flo Rida version.

  • nonnasnonsense

    1)i cant get over adam chandler talking about heart healthy wtf ever. i agree. totally absurd!
    2)i just think of eddie murphy every time i hear roxanne.
    3)we actually watched that inxs show. i don’t think we wanted JD to win either but, i can’t believe he threw it all away for a high. idiot.
    4)i don’t think i would be able to stand watching the celebrity apprentice but, if it had mike rowe on there i could probably talk hubby into it. we both love him!
    5)i was gonna listen to the flo whoever version but it was yanked cuz of a copyright claim by WMG
    BUT i’m sure i would still like the original one better 🙂