If You See Me Laughing At GNC, It’s Probably Because of This.

I got nothin’. No, no, no…I’m not talking about post ideas. I have enough of those in my head to keep the Scrawl going for at least the next ten or eleven years. I’m talking about time. I caught up on a few things yesterday (day off from the salon!)–but not blog-reading! Eeek!

I teach my spin class this morning and then only work 11-2:30 so I can run the 16yo to Lacrosse practice: the season has officially begun!

The good news is, after I take him to practice, my only other official responsibility for the day is to figure out what to make for dinner, so hopefully I can get another post started, as well as visit some of you!

In the meantime, just as a placeholder of sorts (because you know I’m a Control Freak and it makes me CRAZY to go more than a couple of days without posting), I’m sharing what I saw at GNC last week. It gave me a good laugh. If you don’t know why, click here.

On that note, I’ve gotta slide on outta here. I have a class to teach. Later, gators!


  • Kat

    That is so wrong on so many levels, yet incredibly hilarious. I bet somebody was taking the shit (pun intended)

  • Melissa

    Chocolate SMOOTH MOVE…that’s just disgusting on so many different levels it’s wrong.

    Who do you suppose thought that would be a good name?

  • Michelle

    Well at least I know it wasn’t just me. I thought you didn’t like me anymore 😉

    And yeah that’s wrong. So very wrong. Have you seen the Wunderboner? Or did you show it to me? Now I can’t remember. Also unfortunately named.

  • abritdifferent

    That’s totally hilarious!! My hubs says that to bad drivers and anyone else he deems worthy of it. The Back Slacks is hilarious!

  • Jennifer

    Okay woman! I’m here. I’m lookin’ to the left. I’m lookin’ to the right (just in case you told me to look “left” but actually meant “right”). I see…NOTHIN’!!!! No FB widget to be found. Either I’m blind or it isn’t here (I know, I’m probably blind). Either way, search for me Jennifer Rivera and friend me.

  • nonnasnonsense

    ha! you’d think that they would at least put the chocolate somewhere else and a little smaller than the smooth move part.