Here’s a “Story” About A Man and a Full House…

I’ve been using Google Reader for a week now (I’m not scared anymore!), and I can’t tell you how much relief I feel; I’m not missing a thing on all two billion of my most favorite blogs, and I feel like I’m saving time like crazy. I updated my blogroll. At least I think I did. I’ve got blog bookmarks all over the place on this computer!

Anyway, I wanted to give some props to three of my new fave blogs; I hope you’ll check them out if you haven’t already. (Go on, you know you want to.)

The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks: Oh my “goodness”!! Mrs4444 turned me onto this one which, for a writer (or a teacher!), is either a “nightmare” or a “dream”. It depends on how you look at it. I don’t think I need to say more about it; check “it” out!

Dear Mr. Man is written by–who else?–Mr. Man. I connected with him through Dad Blogs, and he is a great guy. He is a husband and dad of two, and I like his blog alot because it is thought-provoking. Many of his posts are in question/answer form, like this one. He writes timely pieces that beg for discussion, like the recent “Burger King, Have you lost your damn mind???” I have enjoyed getting to know Mr. Man on the internets, and I think you should get to know him, too! Mr. Man is also on Twitter: follow him here.

This Full House is written by Liz, a wife (of Garth, not his real name) and mom of four. The six of them live in a house with seven rooms. That in itself would insure the comedic factor, but the funny is tripled by Liz’s hilarious writing. She recently called me her “mommy-porn muse”, which made my day. I mean, how many times do you get called something as fabulous as that??? I love reading Liz’s blog because she is also the mom of teens, and we moms of teens have really got to stick together, you know? She and I have shared a lot through twitter too (follow her here), like the time she was complaining about her cat’s barfing habits:

Liz: Why do the animals always choose to puke on the carpet and NOT the floor…oh, and the kids, too…seriously!?!?

Me: I think you have to train them to do that. (the animals, that is) That’s what I did with my dog. Only trick she knows. LOL

Liz: Cat puked on the dining room rug and then moved to the living room rug, missing all the floor space in between, you’re welcome!

Me: I think my beagle just ate a piece off a live rabbit before it hopped away. I expect the pukeage to begin at any moment…

Liz: You win.

I can’t wait to bond over more puke stories with Liz at BlogHer in July. Wait, that doesn’t sound good, does it?

Anyway, check out these three blogs; heck, add them to your reader! And tell ’em Melisa sent you!



  • Mr. Man

    Thanks for the love, Melisa. The Suburban Scrawl is one of my favorite reads as well. Now that you have conquered Goodle Reader for us, I’ll have to check it out! Much luv to ya!

  • ThisFullHouse

    Yet, more proof that we are indeed soul sisters of the Twittering puke 🙂 Can’t wait to meet and hang with you in Chicago, figuratively speaking of course. Then again, my bras are pretty beat up and…well…nevermind.

  • Katie

    I just imported all my blogs (except for the private ones) into google reader too – only I did it on my work account, instead of the one that my blog is attached to… I figure, people will be able to figure out that it’s still me 😉
    Definite time saver!

  • surprised mom

    I’m going over and checking these blogs out asap. They sound great! And I can join right in on the cat puke stories, too! The Google Reader and I still have to make friends. Great post.

  • Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

    Kewl – will have to check those out! Cuz if *you* say they’re good, well, they HAVE to be, right?

  • Michelle

    Oh. Yeah. Because I NEED more blogs to read 😉

    And ummm it’s possible to teach cats. I kind of hold my cats over the sink when they start making that special noise.