A Great Day + SLEEP = The Perfect Gift

I hope all of you mothers out there (and I mean that in the nicest way) had a great day yesterday. I had a wonderfully low-key day, which is exactly how I like it. Each and every year, Jim apologizes for “sucking at Mother’s Day”, but in fact each and every year he gets it exactly right.

Some moms really enjoy being fussed over all day long on Mother’s Day: I don’t. I just want to be “allowed” to do what I want to do. I don’t like a scripted Mother’s Day. I don’t need for everyone to hang around nearby to take care of my every whim. We’re running around like crazy on other days; on Mother’s Day I just want to go at my own pace. It’s my very own “Slow Down London” sort of day. I even got an hour-long nap in. Wow.

The gifts, though really secondary to the fabulous day I had, were very cool as well. The older boy took one of the photos of the two of us in the Bahamas and photoshopped it with some cool effects, and presented it to me in a frame. The younger boy gave me a gift certificate good for one day of him doing absolutely any and everything I want him to do around the house, which is awesome.

My big gift was amazing. It was the gift of Sleep. (Jealous?) I do believe that Jim bought practically the entire line of aromatherapy sleep products from Bath and Body Works.

sleep I got some of that wonderful pillow mist that Julesie got for me two Hanukkahs ago, plus a bunch of other unbelievably awesome products:


Sleep Body Wash & Foam Bath,


Sleep Hand Cream,


a Sleep Mask,


Sleep lotion,


Sleep massage oil (Hey-ohhhhh….)


Sleep wrist roll-on…

He even threw this in, just in case all of the aromatherapy didn’t “take”. So. Freakin’. Exciting.

The day was topped off by a great dinner together with Julesie, after which we came home for the finale of “The Amazing Race” finale and Portillo’s Chocolate Cake.

And you know what? I used almost every single one of those new products before bed and slept like the dead for most of the night. Perfect.

(most? yeah. only because I didn’t cut off my liquids early enough in the evening, if you know what I’m sayin’. Shut up.)



  • Kat

    Haha, awesome gift. I thought when your link from “he even threw this in” would lead to an online pharmacy for Xanax etc. Just kidding. Sounds like your Mother’s Day was just perfect

  • surprised mom

    Sounds like a perfect Mother’s Day!I had a mixture of fussing over and leaving alone, just perfect for me. I, too, had a nap! It was great. I’m so glad you enjoyed your Mother’s Day.

  • Mr. Man

    Sometimes we Dads forget that the best gift you can give Mom for Mother's Day is a break, some down time, a little R & R. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Otter Thomas

    Aroma therapy is such a nicer way to give the gift of sleep than a fifth of wild turkey. Way to go Jim.

  • Katie

    Sounds like the perfect gift for a busy mom! Glad all your boys knew exactly what you needed 🙂

  • terri

    Sounds like a fantastic day… very similar to mine. I got no cards or gifts, just constant orders to leave the chores to them (I did a little) and to do whatever I like. And they made dinner. Heaven!

  • Michelle

    What, no picture of the picture? I’m bummed! Glad to hear you had such a great Mother’s Day! Nice job, Scrawl Fam! Can you give mine some lessons? 🙂

    And a very happy belated Mother’s Day to you!