Okay, So I Lied.

I apologize for those of you who are Up.To.Here. with BlogHer, but I have to do two post-conference posts. But two is where I’ll draw the line. Seriously.

And now, without further ado, I give you…

My Favorite BlogHer Moments, IN BRIEF
by Melisa with one S

*Starting the weekend off by grabbing Sue from O’Hare and Weaselmomma from her house, then meeting Mrs4444 at my house. Sue gave us homemade bracelets which included “Be yourself” charms. Great reminder!

*Thursday’s dinner at Giordanos with Sue, Michelle, Weaselmomma, Heather, Tara, Melissa, and Mrs4444

*Getting Michelle (and then Sue!) signed up for Twitter…finally! (BTW, follow them here and here.)

*Going to the expo hall and snagging a Real Pork Bloggers of Chicago t-shirt. I know, I’m a Jew that doesn’t eat pork. I enjoy the irony. And I enjoy the shirt (the color and design are gorgeous!).

*Meeting (and then partying with) Carson Kressley. (I did GREAT, in case you were wondering!) Full post on this tomorrow!

*Listening to the Community Keynote on Friday evening. A roller coaster of emotions…we laughed, we cried…ugh. And poor Mrs4444 had no tissues. But apparently nobody at our table had any tissues…I can’t imagine we would have let her do this otherwise:

*Spending a couple of hours on Saturday morning giving a tour of Millennium Park to Heather, Sue, and Liz. It was a pleasure to have them all to myself!

*Being interviewed for BlogTalkRadio. Woot!

DSC 0411
*Spending a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon (Oh, was I supposed to be in sessions or something that day?) with some of the old Cre8Buzz gang (Colleen, we really should have had you get in front or something. Geez!):

P6170995 Two of us went up to the top of the SEARS Tower and out onto the Ledge; four of us found a dive bar not too far from there that was serving $3 Patron margaritas.

*Discovering that, when I gladly accepted the invite to go with this fab group, I forgot that I was supposed to meet Tim Gunn during this time. Oops. But no regrets: the memories I have of the afternoon far surpass what I would keep in my heart from meeting Tim for two minutes (sorry Tim, nothing personal. Holla at your boy.). As it turned out, my girl Sue went to take some great shots of him for me and also managed to grab a headshot. Hilarity ensued when I (maybe because of the 4 margaritas) didn’t notice that the tagline that was signed on the photo was NOT the correct Tim-ism “Make it work!”; it said “Make it happen!” Because Sue signed the photo for me. Awesome. I’m going to keep it forever:

*Discovering that, honest and truly, Michelle and I are just as much alike as we have always thought. Besides the personality flaws traits that we share, we discovered on Saturday night that not only were we wearing the same shoes,

but also practically the same outfit:

*Taking this photo of Colleen from Wine, Please (I totally think it should be her new avatar, don’t you?):

*Attending the BowlHer party. SO FUN to hang out with Sue, and C-squared (Colleen from Wine Please and Colleen from Mommy Always Wins!)

DSC 0451

*Attending the infamous CheeseburgHer Party in the Presidential Suite. I even put a bag on my head, which is something I swore I wouldn’t do. But it was fun! I might wear a bag on my head more often! (wait, that doesn’t sound right…)

*Being in the founding group of the 1st Annual Seaman Party in Room L (the lobby), hosted by NYCityMama. (There were bubbles and everything!)

*Hearing nothing but glorious silence when Michelle and I entered the hotel elevator totally alone at midnight last night. Glorious. Really.

*Watching Sue flop onto her bed last night, summing up the weekend with a big thumbs-up:

*Condensing my pre-conference belongings with the mass amount of fabulous swag I acquired into this compact little area:

*Filling up the Weaselmobile with my stuff, Weaselmomma’s stuff, Mrs4444’s stuff, and Sue’s stuff; I was worried about the tires on the van but ever so grateful to Mr. Weasel for saving us from a hellish train ride attempt.

I could go on for days (don’t worry, I won’t). I enjoyed the sessions that I attended and came away with some great information and food for thought. I am loaded up with almost more swag than I can handle. I have tons of business cards filled with information on people and blogs that I totally want to check out, and will. (My Google Reader is going to feel as fat as I do at this moment!) I can summarize my weekend by saying that it was all about the experiences I enjoyed with people. My friends. My blog sisters.

DSC 0449
It. Was. Unforgettable.



  • melissa

    i love you. i felt like i've known you forever! it was so awesome! blogher was incredible. hanging with you was magical!
    you are such a wonderful friend. really, i'll treasure that purse. it makes me smile.

  • ExtraordinaryMommy

    Love that you had so much fun – love that you documented it so well. I don't have nearly that many pictures – but spent time with amazing people too!

  • Bad Momma

    Stop apologizing to those of us who were non BlogHer attendees. We've been waiting for photos & stories and are living vicariouly through you.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Mrs4444

    Yes, it definitely was. You made it especially great by being YOU 🙂 Thanks. I love the pics!!

  • CanCan (Mom Most Traveled)

    THis is an awesome recap!
    I cried and laughed at the keynote too, whew! What an emotional roller coaster!
    Oh, and I'm a vegetarian but I love my pork shirt. Especially how the girl is dreaming of bacon.

  • Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

    Momo, dude – ME!

    GREAT wrap up. Was AWESOME to hang with you this weekend!!!

  • MaNiC MoMMy™

    That's a great wrap-up! The reason you missed Tim Gunn was because of $3 margaritas — NEVER apologize for that! LOL! I don't even know who he was but ended up with a couple photos of him! That's hilarious that you and Michelle dressed alike! And you looked great all weekend … please, take ME SHOPPING!!! xo

  • Heather

    I had the most incredible time & I am SO HAPPY that you were there to cheer me on during one of the biggest moments of my life! I cannot WAIT to see you again– we'll have to plan something in Nov, for sure!


  • House of Jules

    "Make it happen!"… ha ha haaaa! Cracked me up! Looks like a great time was had by all. I'm jealous you got your picture w/the Weinermobile!

  • Tom

    Wow, that must have been an incredible time. It's nice to see some pictures and put some faces to all the names!

    As for those Margaritas… I was thinking, for three bucks, it must be made of some rot gut mezcal or something. You didn't mention it was freaking Patron! Jumpin jiminy, if I'd known they made $3 margies from Patron I woulda caught the next flight out!

  • NYCity Mama

    LOVE IT! Melisa…I love you…and my memories of The Seaman Party in Room L still make me crack up. It was were our ships finally met!! lol! I should've been hanging with you the whole time, you did so much! I was work , work, work….arg…next time I'll incorporte more fun into the agenda. Love you and every I met. Must travel to you soon!! xoxoxoxoxox infinity Carol

  • Allie

    One of mt highlights was going for dinner with 2 other bloggers, we missed two parties and I don't regret it one bit. Glad you had so much fun.

  • Mrs4444

    Oh, and P.S. It may help you to know that I used your post just now to fix the spelling of your boy Carson's name! (Did that drive you crazy to look at that?! heehee)

    Also, I love the Blog Talk Radio pic the best–so beautiful.

  • Karen MEG

    So THAT's what you were doing all weekend after Thursday night! Sheesh!

    I'm such a conference geek, I wish I'd tagged along on the Cre8buzz reunion to see more of the city.

    You are all sorts of awesome, BTW. What a great recap!

  • Colleen

    That WAS a ton of fun! I'm so glad I got to meet you, and got to see a lot of the other gals face-to-face. And dude, I'm RSVPing for next year's Seaman party, NOW! 😀