My Car Stereo Had An Aversion To Kids’ Music. (Wait, That Was Me.)

I always have a good chuckle when I read or hear about parents who “have” to listen, ad nauseam, to children’s music in the car. When the boys were little, I would converse with friends about this very topic and they would complain about how they “never get to” listen to the music of their choice unless they were alone in the car.


Who’s in charge here?

I mean, really, I wasn’t a jerk when my kids were little. I did play *some* kids’ music in the car for them. However, I had strict–but simple–standards. Nothing overly annoying (to me), like Barney. We listened to some kids’ music that *I* liked also. This (the entire cassette!) was one of our favorites:

Mostly we listened to lots of ’80s and pop. After all, I was driving. That’s the rule around here: the driver picks the music. Not my fault that the boys were too young to know that. As a result–imagine this–they started to have an appreciation for all kinds of music AND they knew the words to such classics as Janet Jackson’s “Nasty” and Men Without Hats’ “The Safety Dance”.

This leads me to a new blog I was just introduced to by my new best friend and “Brüno” swag connection, Jeve from John and Steve Are Having a Baby. The blog is called Music Savvy Mom, subtitled “The Mommy Blogger Music Network…for when Raffi just doesn’t cut it.”

The purpose? To share. They are putting up guest DJs almost daily (as long as people sign up to do it!). All you need to do is send in a list of ten of your favorite songs with a short write up on each, telling why you like them, as well as the links to two of your favorite blog posts (from YOUR blog). More details are on the blog itself. It’s a really fun idea, and I think you should all rush right over there and sign up to do it. (I must add, the hostess–Ri–will be ever so grateful if you visit; she totally pumped up my self-esteem in our e-mail exchange!)

Jeve was the guest DJ on Tuesday, so check that out for sure, and I’ll be on this coming Wednesday the 5th.

EDITED (after getting PJ’s comment!): I am assuming that everyone is welcome to participate, because Jeve is neither a parent (yet) nor a woman, and I saw at least one other non-mom over there. So guys…get in the mix!

I hope to see you over there!



  • PJ Mullen

    Brilliant! I am certainly in control of the music in the minivan, but I am a considerate ruler to my loyal subjects 🙂 That is a pretty cool blog you linked to. Can dads play too?

  • Melisa with one S

    I edited my post after getting your comment: I'm sure that Dads (and non-parents) are more than welcome over there; there seems to be a "the more, the merrier" vibe!

  • Movie Maven

    Thanks for pointing to a very cool new blog.

    Yeah, with the oldest, we listened to some Raffi and my favorite was Choo Choo Boogaloo by Buckwheat Zydeco.

    After that, the 80's reigned in my car, and I started getting into more alternative music. With my third son, he was asking for me to play his favorite song again — "I Predict a Riot" by the Kaiser Chiefs on the ride to preschool. A very appropriate song for him, btw.

  • WeaselMomma

    Thanks. You have just reminded me of a story that I forgot about that will make for a great post.

  • Meeko Fabulous

    I totally agree with you on that one. My sister-in-law complains about how she listens to Disney tunes every day and how she can't listen to what she wants to listen to. I mean, literally, who's in charge here? He's three . . . You're the grown up! LOL

  • Heather

    I'm so excited, I've been putting together a list, I really can't wait to email it to her!

    Thank you!


  • Michelle

    Oh VERY cool. I love this idea. I'm with you on controlling the music… when I'm more coherent, I'll have to stop by. And Jeve rocks. I haven't been there in ages though — oops!

  • surprised mom

    Melisa, we had/have the same rule in the car: the driver picks the music. Unfortunately, it has backfired on me when the oldest is driving about playing HER music. LOL
    I had that same Carmen Sandiago tape!
    I also read Jeve's blog and I checked out their music picks and Music Savy Mom. Both are great blogs.