Hey, That’s No Lady!

Every year, I get a Halloween costume for Roxie.

Yes, she’s a dog.

Yes, I know that this is bizarre behavior.

Do you know what else is bizarre? I get the costume ONLY for a photo shoot. She doesn’t actually wear it for longer than about a ten-minute period. So maybe I’m bizarre, but not completely weird. (RIGHT?)

Anyway, in the past, Roxie has been a devil (that one lasted two years: the puppy years!), a hot dog, and a princess. This year? I had a stroke of genius. I put my dog in a costume that is not only unique, but timely. And way more hip than that stupid hot dog costume that all of the other bitches wear on Halloween. (Sorry, couldn’t resist with that one)

First, let me get you warmed up.

Click “play”:

You already know that I really like Lady Gaga very much. I think she’s super talented, and although her fashion choices are, shall we say, uniquely her own, I really think she’s got it going on. She is an artist in the true sense of the word. Just look away from the Kermit outfit, would you? That one was the worst.

lady gaga muppet marvelous2
The bubble outfit was pretty cool, and she even inspired Andy Samberg on SNL to dress in one.

lady gaga bubbles

Picture 119
She made a big–er–splash at the MTV Video Music Awards this year (these are only some of the looks she wore!)…

2009 MTV VMA Lady Gaga Outfits
Unforgettable, right?

And now, without further ado, Roxie’s Halloween costume 2009…

Lady Gaga!


She’s either thinking, “Wow, what a great idea this was!” OR “Get me the hell out of this costume!”
I’m not sure which.






Ready for her closeup…

So, yeah. Insane or not, I spent six bucks on the elements of this costume, for about fifteen minutes of fun while I took the photos. (The jury is still out on whether SHE had fun. I’m thinking not.)

And then, when the shoot was over, all she wanted to do was rip that sucker up, piece by piece.

Click to play this Smilebox collage: Roxie Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween!



  • Tara R.

    Brilliant! That is awesome. Roxie is the best dressed dog for the season, she makes Lady Gaga look like a poser.

  • surprised mom

    I'm surprised Roxie let you put it on in the first place! This is just hysterical!

    Wonder if George would let me dress him up? He'd do well as the court jester.

  • The Microblogologist

    This was worth breaking my neurosis of reading blogs in order! You had fun having her in the costume, she had fun ripping it to shreds and we had fun reading the post, everyone WINS!!!!! =)

  • melissa

    you are too funny!! roxie looks fab as lady gaga and the resemblance is uncanny.
    i love lady gaga too! i had no clue who she was until that sat. night live episode she was on!!
    happy halloween!!

    my word verification is mices???

  • Mrs4444

    Awesome. Loved the music mood-setter! Not sure how Roxie feels about it, because I don't have my contacts in and can't read much, but I hope she has fun today 🙂

  • Michelle

    I'm going to have that song going through my head all night now. Thanks 😉

    Definitely weird to do the costume. More bizarre that it's only for a photo shoot. Love ya anyway!

    A friend of mine is going as Lady Gaga for Halloween… and her costume is basically a blonde wig and obnoxious clothing. Where's Roxie's wig (and something to lean against? That was the other factor my friend mentioned)? ;P

  • Mags

    Aw, she looks so pretty dressed up like Gaga…better than the Lady herself. 🙂

    Is she acting like a diva now? 😉

  • Eternal Lizdom

    I dressed my dogs up before I had kids. One year, my Ginger (now passed) was a clown and little Sassy (my toy poodle- still with me) was a wizard. They were so freakin' adorable!! And so is your Roxie!! Those pictures will be very, very precious someday…

  • sandra

    I'm no fan of Lady Gaga but this is hilarious! I love that she keeps it on. My dog would've shaken it off the second I put it on.