Here’s a Trick That’s Also a Treat.

Remember, back in the day, when pulling innocent pranks in school (the ones that weren’t meant to hurt anyone; just cause a bit of a distraction) meant putting a whoopie cushion under an unsuspecting victim, hiding their lunch, or slapping a “kick me” sign on their back?

Those days are over.

Today, one of the “big” pranks is called “nuggeting”, which is basically just turning a backpack inside out and putting the stuff back in it. I asked my younger son to give a demo, so those of you who have no idea what this entails can now be informed (and possibly downright hip if you bring it up in a conversation with a high schooler).

Here’s how to nugget a backpack (it’s a little dark, sorry! He didn’t want to give me a do-over.):



  • Doug @ Daddy's Tired

    That's pretty clever. I work in a HS and have never seen it…But now I'll be on the lookout.

  • Michelle

    I have to say… given the speed and ease with which he did this, I have a feeling he's been involved in nuggeting on more than one occasion!

  • The Devoted Dad

    Thanks for the new idea. Let me put it into practical use, like nuggeting somebody at work. Concerns that arise A) I'm not sure how a coworker will take it (not so bad) B) I'm not sure if it is worth getting into "trouble" at work if they take it badly (ok, more serious bad) and C) I don't want to open their bag, and see something that maybe I shouldn't have (possibly really bad) Being a working grown up can be such a fun killer sometimes 🙂 -Jason